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Carbon Black Arizer Solo 2 BonusBox Bundle

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Arizer Solo 2 is Arizer's most powerful portable yet! With up to 20 uses per charge and Improved Airflow. The Solo II Hits Hard. Thick Clouds.

We use the Solo2 primarily around the house as well as pack it up for travel to be used in settings where discretion isn't needed. Our favorite glass to use with the Solo2 is the 80mm Curved Aroma Tube. 


  • Multi-Purpose (For Dry Herbs & Aromatherapy)
Powerfully Portable

  • All-Glass Aroma Path

  • Isolated Airpath
  • Patented Hybrid Heating
Precise Digital Temperature Control

  • Fast Warm-Up Time

  • High Quality Ceramic Heating Element
Easy to use & Easy to clean

  • Food/Medical Grade components
High Quality Boro-Silicate Glass Parts

  • High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries

  • DC Charging
Use While Charging
Custom Session Settings (Only from Arizer)

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty

What's Included:

  • 1 x Solo II Portable Micro-Heater

  • 1 x Solo II Charger / Power Adapter
1 x Solo II Glass Aroma Tube (90mm)
 in PVC Travel Tube
  • 1 x Solo II Glass Aroma Tube (110mm) in PVC Travel Tube
1 x Solo II Glass Aroma Dish

  • 1 x Solo II Belt-Clip Carry Case

  • 2 x Solo II Silicone Stem Caps

  • 4 x Solo II Stainless Steel Filter Screens

  • 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool

  • 1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals
1 x Solo II Owner’s Manual

 420EDC Bonus Box (Total Value ≈ $40):

  • Choice of 420EDC Large✅, Vert✅ StashCase*(≈$19-$20 value)
  • Choice of Extra Glass Piece** (≈ $10-$20 value)

*Large StashCase✅ (Black, Yellow, Blue or Clear Padded) can hold the device and some additional gear in a horizontal configuration.  Vert StashCase✅ (Black, Yellow, Blue or Clear Padded) can hold the device and some additional gear in a drop-in vertical position.  

** Extra Glass selections can be found on under Accessories>Glassware>Solo2/Air2

With Purchase of an Arizer Solo2, use Code:  GRIND10 for $10 off any Grinder you add to your cart

Warranty Information

The Solo2 carries a lifetime warranty on the heating element, and a limited 2-Year warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship, and a limited 1-Year warranty covering the battery. Glass is not covered under warranty. Retain proof of purchase for warranty service. Returning the product and costs incurred are the responsibility of the user. Arizer will repair or replace warrantied items at our discretion. The warranty does not cover units damaged by dropping, tampering, unauthorized service performed or attempted, modifying the unit, misuse or abuse.

23 Reviews

  • 2

    Published by Moongrass on Dec 4th 2020

    After a month of use the Arizer Solo II failed to meet my expectations. It takes too long to heat up, every time I use this I need to make at least 2 draws to get it going. I also have to suck up way too much air even after it gets heated. I don't even use the screen. I've tried it with different glassware and no dice. The glass that comes with it also fits loosely. Very disappointed in the product, I'll be going back to my older, cheaper device. The one good thing I will say is that the battery lasts forever. 420EDC Note: We are always happy to help you get better use out of your Arizer portables. Sounds like you need to troubleshoot your technique and there are a number of factors you need to address to improve the experience. Every device of this nature needs a hit or two to prime the material, you should be getting amazing flavor from those 1st and 2nd draws, otherwise you aren't doing something proper in terms of packing the stem. Reach out to us via the Contact Us Page or Chat, we'll help you dial it in!

  • 5
    Love it.

    Published by Brandi on Jul 20th 2020

    I am glad I decided to purchase this, it is definitely my new favorite. Shipping was fast and the free products included were awesome as well. Thank you!

  • 4
    Solo 2

    Published by Jacob Hall on Jun 17th 2020

    This thing is pretty dang convenient and the battery life is ridiculous. (In a good way) Although it works really well for 1 or 2 people it does not excel in large groups. Especially large groups of people that don’t get the concept of heating dry herb. It does take a little time to familiarize yourself with it but once you’ve got the temp. settings and how to pack the stem correctly down it’s a cake walk.

  • 5
    First portable heater, awesome experience

    Published by Zelric on May 29th 2020

    This is my first entry into the world of portable heaters. I am not a power user by any means, and got this as a way of making it easier to consume herb without the hassle of combustion (avoiding smoke alarms, smells, proper lighting technique). The Solo II has allowed me to enjoy herb comfortably at home, no stress. The flavor of the herb is very nice and I slowly increase the temps each session and get a really nice high - Solo II lets me have much more control over my high. Packing the stem and heating the unit are as simple as can be, so I can enjoy it whenever. For a first entry, it's been a great experience!

  • 4
    Good unit

    Published by Ty on May 23rd 2020

    I love this thing. My only complaint is that it auto shuts off after 15 minutes (longest you can set it to) but it’s really not a big issue since you can just turn it right back on. The bowl size is a little small but it lasts quite a while if you’re conservative with your pulls. They sent me an extra glass stem, all of the stems they sent are awesome. Great unit and my most used method of partaking since I got the Arizer Solo II

  • 5

    Published by Dave on May 15th 2020

    This is the best device I’ve ever used. Simple to use, easy to clean, and efficient. Mark at 420edc was super responsive, kind and helpful.. Definitely support these guys and their products!

  • 5
    Arizer Solo 2

    Published by Shane on Jan 18th 2020

    This product replaced my Starry Max. It is a pleasure to use and so much easier to keep clean!

  • 5
    Carbon Black Arizer Solo 2

    Published by K on Jan 8th 2020

    I partake for medical purposes so my review reflects a medical use of this portable heater. I was worried that I over-hyped dry herb extractors before I got this but it's everything I thought it would be and even better now that I can use it. Every hit is smooth, easy, and quick. The only smell you have to worry about is the flower when you're grinding or packing a bowl. I use this inside my home and out and about. I also purchased a GonG WPA to use with a smaller glass piece I have and never had a smoother hit in my life while being able to pull on the unit for ages (if I so choose). Being able to use my flower to heat, use the heated flower in food, and using the reclaim has made it possible to get better flower overall. I regret not opting for the mini mendo mulcher but I still use almost everything that comes with the Solo 2 (and from 420edc!) everyday.

  • 5
    Arizer Solo 2

    Published by Anon on Jun 24th 2019

    First impression: I received my Arizer Solo 2 in the mail 4 days ago. I’ve used it for a couple of sessions now and so far I love it. But I won’t talk about the product itself as there are far better sources for reviews. 420EDC did a great job communicating with me throughout the process. I loved that after ordering the product, I got a text about half an hour later from Mark, asking me for details about my address. No point in sending me an email when a text message is quicker and convenient. Appreciate that. My product got packaged and sent off the same day I ordered it, within hours. The personalized hand-written note that I found in the box is the type of detail that is not overlooked. I was originally going to order from Arizer’s site itself, but opted for 420EDC due to the bonus items I got, for the same price. Since I live in Canada shipping took a little longer from EDC but it’s worth it for the bonus items I got. First time hearing of 420EDC and first time ordering from them, and I’d do it again.

  • 4
    Good battery life & heats up quickly

    Published by Chris on Jun 4th 2019

    The battery holds a charge pretty well. It heats to temp quickly. It’s pretty easy to figure out and. Has a good interface.

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