Updated 12/7/2022 Shipageddon:  USPS Shipping Delays

Updated 12/7/2022 Shipageddon: USPS Shipping Delays

Published by Mark @420EDC on Nov 15th 2022

12/7/2022 Update:

Things seem to progressing similar to how prior weeks and updates.  Less than a handful of orders from the 18th are being trucked to California.  USPS doesn't own their own planes, so UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon will not lease more space to USPS during these peak times, they'll fill that with their own packages.  This forces USPS to truck more packages instead of flying them as they do during non-peak volumes.  

Orders are getting where they are going, just not as quickly as we'd like.  The closer you are to New England, the sooner you should receive your order.  If you don't have any batteries in your package, then you should get your package faster as the UN3481 & UN3480 Battery Warning Stickers will slow things down. 

We appreciate your patience while USPS finishes up the logistics.  

⚠️ We can't guarantee delivery prior to late December holidays as of this point.  Orders placed today or later may not arrive until the last full week of December.  If you are on the East Coast, you may have a few more days of a buffer but we aren't making any guarantees. 


11/29/2022 Update:

A handful of orders from the week of 11/14 are still floating around out there.  This is likely due to the backlog of parcels in the USPS system from the Veterans Day Holiday 11/11.  This created a glut of 4 days of packages in the USPS system at this peak volume time of year, so Monday 11/14 looked like a problematic day from the get go.  

Going back to orders placed the few days prior to Thanksgiving for week of 11/21, it looks like those packages are just leaving New England today.  This is orders over a number of days all going out together similar to the batch from 11/8-11/17. 

At this point it looks like packages are taking a week to get out of New England and then another week or two to get to their final destination.  We'll keep an eye on packages from 11/25 and 11/28 over the next few days and see how things are progressing now that there are no holidays until Monday 12/26 when USPS observes Christmas as it falls on a Sunday when there is no mail (except Santa).  

420EDC is still getting packages out of our hands in 24-36 hours from when we received the order from the customer in via the website.  If you want your orders prior to the Christmas holiday, you might want to get that order in sooner than later. 


Providing a quick update for 11/21/2022:

A huge batch of packages for our customers arrived early this morning in Springfield Massachusetts.  Packages from 11/8/2022 moving forward to 11/17/2022 orders, all just arrived in Springfield Mass overnight.  This clearly shows the current backlog in the USPS network.  Please be patient folks, 99.999% of what we ship domestically gets to where it is going, just not always as quickly as expect.  

Keep this in mind for any package you order this holiday season with USPS.  Remember that USPS doesn't own their own planes, they lease space from commercial carriers like UPS, FedEX, DHL, Amazon and passenger flights.  Carriers will not provide additional space for USPS during these peak times which means that USPS needs to rely on trucks to pick up the remaining packages and move them by ground which can take much longer between scans (usually a week).  

Shipageddon 2022 is definitely underway.  Keep the faith, check out our blog on first time use tips, pro-tips etc. for the device you might be waiting on.  

In terms of our current turn-around.  Orders from late in the day Thursday 11/17 will go out today along with all orders received after Thursday through Sunday 11/20.  Orders received til Noon EST 11/21 will likely go out tomorrow.  We are waiting on the spare 26650 batteries to arrive, so that may delay any Arizer AirMAX orders from shipping until Tuesday 11/22 or Wednesday 11/23, we don't think they will arrive today. 

Thank you for your patience and support!


November 15th, 2022 Update:

We are getting a lot of folks in the past 24 hours reaching out to us to see where their packages are.  Welcome to Shipageddon 2022.  Have a look below for 2021 and early 2022 highlights.  

We will be referring customers to this thread moving forward on "Where is my package" inquiries.  Please read our Shipping and Returns Policy and FAQs for additional timeframes.  At no point should any of our customers file a Missing Mail Report, this takes our ability to recall a package away.  We will reship or refund packages that don't arrive within 15 Business Days for domestic US orders.  Please don't contact us until 15 Business Days have passed since your package has been shipped (Saturday and Sunday do not count, nor do Federal Holidays).  

We appreciate your patience while USPS takes care of the logistics in these trying times.

*******************************Early 2022/2021 Entries Below*****************

Valued 420EDC Customers,

We started our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale in October due to the anticipation of the upcoming Shipageddon potential.  Here is some info regarding this from October for UPS/Fed Ex:


This is more recent regarding UPS:


USPS is dealing with the overflow of packages from both UPS & FedEx restricting their online customers volume over the past few weeks:


Looking at our outstanding orders, we have a single order from December 1st that still hasn't arrived as of today, December 18th (update, this was delivered on 12/22).  Beyond this there are still orders that have not been delivered from December 8th moving forward.  

There is not anything 420EDC can do to speed up the delivery of your package.  At this point it is just a waiting game and 99.99% of the packages we ship domestically with USPS make it to where they are going.  Some not as quickly as we'd like or expect.  

If you have a package that takes more than 15 days to arrive from when it shipped, please contact us.  Beyond this, there isn't anything we can do until 15 days has passed. 

TLDR:  ⚠️Please note, all carriers are experiencing delays in processing and delivery due to unprecedented volumes and COVID safety restrictions. As a result your order may experience gaps and delays in tracking event updates.

420EDC appreciates your patience while USPS handles the logistics in this trying time.  

We wish you all a safe & healthy Winter Solstice and any of the other winter holidays you celebrate as well as a festive 2021.  


January 31st Update:  USPS is still not 100% back on track.  This month we had orders shipped January 4th some of which just scanned closer to their destination yesterday.  It looks like that package will be delivered sometime early this week.  We need your patience while USPS gets back to standard time frames on deliveries. 

February 19th Update:  All carriers are affected by delays around logistics in the central US, not just USPS.  We have UPS packages arriving today that were supposed to be here 3 days ago, never have we seen such a delay with UPS on a domestic shipment.  Stay patient folks, it will get there, just taking longer than we should expect. 

February 27th Update:  Due to the events of mid-February delays are ongoing with USPS.  This week we had a package sent by Priority Mail January 4th (different from the 1/31 Update) scan at its destination.  We are yet to see something go missing with all of these delays.  Packages are getting where they are supposed to be, it is still taking longer, sometimes much much longer than expected and yet others make it thru easy peazy fast like the old days of USPS.  We are still waiting on an order sent from San Francisco to us on February 16th via Priority Mail, so we are seeing delays on orders moving in both directions across the US.  Stay patient folks, your gear will get to you. 

November 11th, 2021 Update:  We started our holiday sales early this year to prevent this "Shipageddon" goings on as much as possible from last November.  See our homepage for all the sales details.  Over the past several months, we've had packages from time to time take 3-4 weeks to get delivered (this happened to about 1 package a month that we shipped, some months went smooth).  This was most likely due to the lack of transportation, misinterpretation of the UN3481 sticker (thinking it needs to move by Ground only and not by air) or a combination of these two factors.  

Batteries ordered alone move with a UN3480 sticker and these packages will take longer than normal to arrive.  We highly recommend that customers pick up a charger during the same purchase of spare batteries.  Shipping the charger with batteries together means they can move with a UN3481 sticker, which should get the package there quicker than a UN3480 sticker.  On the Hohm batteries we carry, using their chargers with their batteries doubles the warranty period of the battery cell from Hohm.   

We expect international packages to take longer to get to wherever they are going during the upcoming weeks.  Customs delays have been ongoing since the start of the pandemic and we don't see this changing anytime soon. 

We'll do our best to monitor all packages shipped by 420EDC this holiday season.  We advise you to get what you need early so that you have it for when you need it.  99.99% of our packages arrive, just not as quickly as we would hope on some occasions.  Please reach out to us if you have any concerns prior to ordering, there is very little we can do once a package is shipped beyond wait for it to be delivered.  

420EDC is grateful for everyone's support of our efforts in these logistically difficult times.  

Stay safe & healthy folks!!

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