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Canniloq 80cc & 120cc

$29.95 - $39.95
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Next Generation Stash Containers

Rugged, Airtight, Responsible

Performance Stash Gear

This is the last stash container you will need to buy. A high-end product that transcends the glass jar, engineered to last a lifetime and quality-constructed. To ensure that each Canniloq product meets standards, every product is carefully assembled by hand and inspected in Colorado before shipment.

Herb Security

Canniloq is the original and ONLY non-plastic, locking stash vial on the market.

Canniloq stash containers were designed with a patent-pending push-lock cap that gives you peace of mind by discouraging curious little hands from exploring the contents. The locked cap will never work its way loose, and accidentally release herb or odors when you’re least expecting it.