From the ApexTwenty2 Team:  When I realized no one was making a high quality (or low quality for that matter) herb grinder from titanium I knew I had to make it happen. While we have several different products in the works the titanium grinder is what started it all.

Titanium is the perfect material for an herb grinder. The Commercially Pure or CP titanium used to make these grinders is the same material used in high end culinary instruments as well as biomedical implants. CP titanium is hypoallergenic and chemically inert. You can rest easy knowing your grinder will not impart any harmful chemicals into your product. With proper use they will last a lifetime.

Here you will find the grinders available for purchase. Each grinder below is individual and unique and if it is in stock then it is complete and available for sale.  You have to hold one of these pieces to truly appreciate the S O L I D titanium build, they are built like tanks.  There is no plastic spacer used to separate the two metal halves and mechanics will wear in with use.  Anodize will also wear cosmetically.  Function remains unaffected as long as the user makes an effort to keep the grinder reasonably clean.  Sometimes you can hear the teeth sing, so Be Prepared to "Embrace the Grind"!

Numbers added by 420EDC to the ApexTwenty2 Grinders are for our tracking of each individual grinder and do not represent a serial number provided by ApexTwenty2. 

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