The Ripper 2" 4 Piece

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The Ripper is a 4 piece herb grinder with 2 inch diameter, machined from 100%US Made 300 Series Stainless Steel that is both food grade and medical grade. It's destined to be the Best Herb Grinder on the market with the toughest assembly for a better grip, rip and grind than the typical aluminum grinder.

  1.    Strong Magnetized Lid While twisting and grinding your herbs, you don't have to worry about the lid popping off and spilling the contents.
  2.    Razor Sharp Teeth with Advanced Design  Every design out there prides themselves on having sharp teeth but nobody has sharp teeth on all        surfaces. The Ripper has a unique edge on top of all the teeth to start cutting before you even take the first turn. This allows quick, effortless work of grinding your product.
  3.    Removable Sifting Screen We provide 3 different size screens for you to determine how much product you would like to flow through them. We outfit this grinder by default with the Medium size.
  4.    Pollen Catcher with a Ball Bearing and Scraper
  •  Ball Bearing - The product that falls through the screen is the real prize and treat. The Ripper provides you with a single ball bearing on top of the screen to help that process. Grind your product, give it a little shake, and watch it accumulate at the bottom.
  • Pollen Scraper - The bottom catch basin has smooth corners with a large radius for the provided guitar pick to scrap out every last bit of the best pollen.  The radius of the scraper fits perfectly into the corners of the basin, why didn't anybody else think of that??


FREE Bonus:
Course 80 micron Screen
Medium 60 micron Screen
Fine 40 micron Screen