Inflorescence Heaters

420EDC is devoted to offering portable micro-heaters which deliver the essence from our favorite inflorescence.  Each device we carry is suited for different usage scenarios and needs of the consumer.  Some offer discretion at the sacrifice of power while others offer power at the sacrifice of discretion, and some fall somewhere in between those two spectrums.  If you need help trying to figure out which product is best for you, please reach out to us via Chat or the Contact Us page. 

2nd Generation Arizer devices feature an all glass aroma-path, the Solo2 is the most powerful portable from Arizer and the most powerful portable we carry.  The Air2 is ironically what we consider the perfect Solo use piece for folks not needing discretion who consume alone primarily.  The newest portable from Arizer is the ArGo which offers the most discreet package from the Arizer Line-Up we carry.  Power wise, the Air2 and ArGo are basically the same beast in different shells.  We personally feel the Air2s slightly larger chamber takes a little longer to recover between back to back draws compared to the ArGo, which is why we recommend the Air2 for individuals consuming alone who don't need discretion.  Both the Air2 & ArGo are powered from a removable 18650 while the Solo2 has a pair of them hardwired into the device.

The newest portable offering from 420EDC is the Ultra-Portable DotLeaf V1.5 in three colors.  DotLeaf really throws in all the essentials, right down to an airtight hard plastic StashCase for everything that is included with the DotLeaf.  The only thing you need to throw away is the plastic wrap on the outside of the box.  The rest is ready for the easy on-the-go access in a compact storage solution.  The DotLeaf V1.5 is the smallest device we carry at 420EDC, which is one of the things that attracted us to it.  Drop in a charged 18650 battery (sold separately) and prepare for the journey.  Featuring a user replaceable dry herb chamber, the DotLeaf is tiny yet fully capable of thorough extraction inside the large chamber, larger than any of the Arizer portables we carry.  Need something you can palm on-the-go and throw onto a bong at home?  Consider the DotLeaf V1.5.

420EDC offers these devices for the consumption of dried cannabis flowers.  None of the devices we carry are designed for use with e-liquids, tobacco or tobacco products. Our mission at 420EDC is for you to enjoy the extraction of phytocannabinoids from our favorite flowers rather than burning them. 

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