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Portable Aromatherapy

420EDC offers Cannabis Microdose Solutions via our American Made Vaporizer Manufacturers and our friends to the North in Canada.  We offer three choices of vaporizers in two types of power control.  The Arizer Go is our only regulated vape while the Milaana and MVT are unregulated.

Regulated Design:

Arizer ArGo:  Regulated Hybrid Heater is the Perfect EveryDayCarry Vaporizer.  The ArGo or Go for short, whichever you prefer, is our choice for on-the-go due to the efficiency of the battery (about 60 minutes).  ArGo has a pop-up glass mouthpiece protector built in for storage in a case or the glass mouthpiece can be capped to prevent lint or debris from falling in should you decide to pocket this tiny machine. 

Heats up to 300˚F ≈ 45 seconds from cold, with this device you can control the temperature up to 428˚F.  Set it and forget it, or you can also use hold the + or - button to move in 10˚ increments or press either button to move a single degree up or down.  The device will automatically power down.  

Grind up some flowers and fill the end of the glass stem, insert it into the ArGo and hold the m & + button to power up until you see a smiley face and "Hi".  When you are finished, clean out the stem quickly for the easiest clean-up.  

Unregulated On-Demand Convection Units:

RastaBuddhaTao is based out of the Adirondaks of New York and MistVape operates out of Delaware.  Both devices are OnDemand, True Convection and UnRegulated by design.  Each unit is deployed by first filling a glass stem with ground cannabis flowers (flos) and/or other herbs, inserting the stem into the device and engaging the heater which is powered by an 18650 Battery.  We recommend a medium grind for best results (check out our Mendo Mulchers page).  The user controls the temperature with these unregulated units, the battery is also not regulated meaning that as the battery voltage drops, the heater's power drops, unlike the ArGo above.  

MistVape Touch Advantages:

Milaana Advantages:

Not sure which is right for you? We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you have on any of this technology, hit the Chat Button or Contact Us page to learn more.   

Stay Tuned and Stay Lifted!

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