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Almost Gone XVape Fog Pro

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XVAPE FOG PRO is XVAPE’s newest convection vaporizer for dry herb.
XVAPE FOG PRO is an improvement on the original XVAPE FOG. Adopting the most cutting-edge convection heating technology, adding an OLED screen with precise temp control and haptic feedback, deploying USB-C charging and higher battery capacity, FOG PRO is greatly improved in every aspect and absolutely able to do a top-notch job with smooth and flavorful vapor.
420EDC Custom Package Specification (See Custom Kit Contents photo below):

  • High-Grade Aluminum Metal Body
  • Jewelry Grade Zirconia Mouthpiece
  • New Convection Technology
  • Compact Size
  • Adjustable Session Time: 5 or 10 minutes
  • User Removable 18650 Battery Cell with 3200MAH capacity
  • USB-C charging
  • Isolated Airpath
  • OLED Screen
  • Built-In Stirring Tool

Kits come partially sealed, we QC these prior to shipping. 

Includes 420EDC BonusBox (≈$37-$40 Value):














1. Charge the battery with a good-quality and dedicated charger. Never use a charger with a voltage/current rating higher than 5V/1A.
2. When not in use, your battery should be kept away from heat, and stored in a non-conductive box/case. Never carry the battery loose in your pocket with other metal objects.
3. Only use original batteries, not clones, copies, or other batteries that do not meet or exceed the specifications of the original. 
4. Do not use damaged batteries in your vaporizer. Even a small tear or loose wrapping can be dangerous.

*Failure to follow these instructions may result in severe or permanent damage to the battery,
  cause serious personal injury, or lead to a fire.
*Misuse, abuse, incorrect charging, failure to comply with the above warnings and guidelines,
  and other inappropriate use of this product are not covered under warranty.
*Please comply with local recycling regulations for battery disposal.

Warranty Information

The product's warranty period is 18 months from the date of purchase to prevent defects in manufacturing, workmanship, and materials. This device is designed for the use of legal herbs only. Any use of the XVape Fog Pro with illegal substances will void the warranty. The warranty covers only the electronic base. The warranty does not warrant mouthpiece, battery cell, scraping tool and/or other detachable parts. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, natural disaster, user error, or use outside the intended use described in the user manual. Use outside the intended use as described in the user manual also includes any tampering with the device in any way, including but not limited to modification to alter functionality or modification to alter appearance. The warranty also does not apply to cosmetic damage including but not limited to dents, scratches/chips to the finish, and/or broken plastic parts. Normal product wear and tear is not covered under warranty. Normal performance degradation of batteries is also not covered by warranty. To make a warranty claim, please contact customer support at: support(at)xvapeusa.com. The original bill of sale, authenticity code, pictures or videos and any serial numbers are required to redeem the warranty. At the manufacturer's discretion, warranty service will be provided by repair of the product or exchange of the product and/or part with a new or functionally equivalent.

Any product purchased from 420EDC is solely intended for the use with legal dry herbal botanicals & flowers.  All goods sold at 420EDC are not designed for use with e-liquids, tobacco, tobacco cessation, or nicotine products.  No product sold by 420EDC is for use with liquids or essential oils as these products would destroy the devices leaving them inoperable. 

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