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Batteries & Chargers

420EDC stocks batteries and chargers for those on the go who need an external charger for their cells on-the-go.  We exclusively carry and recommend Hohm Tech cells.  Why?  Because Hohm Tech is OK with our usage scenario whereas the big names are not.  Not sure which battery to get for your device?  Reach out to us via Chat or Contact Us page for more information. 

Our Recommendation for the XMax V3 Pro, Starry 4 and XLux Roffu is the New Hohm Depot cell.  ⚠️For the Tinymight 2, only the Hohm Life 4, Mega and Work2 should be considered.  ⚠️The Arizer Air SE/ArGo cell is only intended for use with either of those devices and are not an adequate specification for any other devices we carry.  

⚠️ Never carry 18650 batteries by themselves.  They should always be in the device or in a case designed to protect the terminals of the cell.  Remember that these batteries do no like extreme hot or cold temperatures, so store accordingly.

Hohm Tech 18650 Cell Capacity & Continuous Discharge Rating Breakdown
Cell Nomenclature Cell Capacity (mAh) Cell Continuous Discharge Rating (CDR)
Hohm Alone ≈3300mAh ≈15A
Hohm Life4 ≈3000mAh ≈22A
Hohm Depot ≈3000mAh ≈16A
Hohm Work2 ≈2500mAh ≈25A
Hohm Mega ≈2500mAh ≈22A
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