420EDC Offers an Elite selection of grinder choices in multiple metals:

  • Herb Ripper's "The Ripper" features US Made 300 Series Stainless Steel that is both food and medical grade.  Available in OG 2" Size of the New 2020 Model, XL 2.5" and Mini 1.5". 
  • If you had to ask us where a good place to start with a grinder, the first thing we would recommend is a 3 Piece design because it saves the step of dumping material out of a two piece and it saves potency as it doesn't filter out kif from the flowers.  Also if you are looking for an aluminum 3 Piece Grinder that is US Made, then we would refer you to the Pucc.  Enjoy the flowers as nature intended.  Need a finer grind?  Hold it upside down for a few spins prior to reverting to the standard position.  The team at Pucc do an amazing job delivering this grinder in a stellar anodize finish on top of a super functional design.

Our recommendation is 3 Piece Grinder whether it is aluminum or stainless steel.  We prefer a smaller grinder over a larger one to keep things as fresh as possible post grind.  Essence is released once you grind, so the material deteriorates quicker than in the unground dry flowers.  "Grind It As You Need It"

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