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Arizer is a company that started in Canada in 2005.  The company captured our attention in December of 2017 when they released their newest (at the time) portable device, the ArGo, which is short for Arizer Go.  Shortly prior to the release of the ArGo, Arizer updated their staple portable lineup that encompassed the Solo and Air products in the Solo2 and Air2.

420EDC is an Arizer Authorized Retailer currently focused on the new Air SE, ArGo & AirMAX. 

Our Best Selling device over the years:  We consider the ArGo from Arizer to be the Perfect EDC device.  Short, discreet, and easy to palm on the move.  The ArGo delivers tasty aroma in under a minute from startup.  The ArGo also runs off the same cell as the Air2 (sunset by both 420EDC and Arizer), a compact 18650 that can be replaced as needed when on the Go. 

In early 2022 Arized released the Air MAX introducing us to their 3rd Generation of Portables.  Arizer chose a user replaceable 26650 battery to increase performance and capacity.  Sleek Black Stainless Steel Shell upgrades the aesthetics with new Dark Mode & Screen Inversion to compliment the new Custom Session Settings enhancements.

Fast forward to late June of 2023, we received our 1st batch of the new Arizer Air SE.  This device features the same heater used in the Air MAX in a beginner & budget friendly package with just the essentials.  The Air SE runs off an 18650 cell, just like the ArGo and sunset Air2 we previously supported.  Choose the lowest of the 5 preset temps and the device gets to the temp quickly, just over 30 seconds.  This device is housed in a durable polymer plastic shell compared to the literal gunmetal of the Air MAX.  Once you learn how to open the battery door, be prepared for the full on Air MAX experience with the Air SE!

In February of 2024, Arizer Released the Solo II MAX using the newest heater tech that is in the Air MAX and Air SE devices.  Where the Solo II MAX shines is the power provided by a pair of 18650 batteries hardwired internally.  This arrangement makes the Solo II MAX Arizer's most powerful portable to from the Gen 3 Series (Air MAX, Air SE & Solo II MAX) along with improved airflow and USB-C charging compared to the proprietary wall plug that plagued the OG Solo II design in terms of charging and bringing the device into compliance with EU Regs requiring devices have USB-C charging by the end of 2024. 

For April of 2024, Arizer dropped an April Fool's gag unveiling their newest device bringing the Generation count to 4 with the Arizer Solo III, the first device from this new gen.  We've had a beta unit for several weeks and can tell you that this device takes the Solo series to a whole new level with On Demand Mode and the new Session Mode.  Chamber capacity is ≈ doubled with the new XL Aroma Tubes and the OG Style from all previous Generations of the Air and Solo series will work with the Solo III (with the exception of the Hubble Bubble with AirPort).  Hold onto your socks as the Solo III takes you to a heightened level of existence. 

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Any product purchased from 420EDC is solely intended for the use with legal dry herbal botanicals & flowers.  All goods sold at 420EDC are not designed for use with e-liquids, tobacco, tobacco cessation, or nicotine products.  No product sold by 420EDC is for use with liquids or essential oils as these products would destroy the devices leaving them inoperable.

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