Arizer is a company that started in Canada in 2005.  The company captured our attention in December of 2017 when they released their newest portable device, the ArGo, which is short for Arizer Go.  Shortly prior to the release of the ArGo, Arizer updated their staple portable lineup that encompassed the Solo and Air products in the Solo2 and Air2. Over the past few months, we've concentrated our efforts on selling the ArGo to 420EDC Customers providing the best value found on the internet for the device.

420EDC is now an authorized distributor for the updated Arizer Portable Line-Up and is recognized as an Arizer Authorized Retailer.  For any business customers checking out our shoppe, please reach out to us via email for access to our WholeSale Portal for wholesale pricing on our Arizer Gear.  We've added the Air2 and Solo2 to our arsenal after careful consideration in expanding our lineup of gear.  420EDC has sunset the Air2 in anticipation of the new Air MAX that was announced by Arizer Q4 of 2021. 

The Solo2 is the only device we sell (from Arizer) with a non-removable battery.  It is the most powerful and best performing device of the Arizer 2nd Generation portables.  We find it best for around the house, but the battery life is stellar and taking the Solo2 on the go is possible for semi-discreet sessions out and about.  Think of the Solo2 as having twice the battery and twice the power over the Air2 & ArGo from the Arizer Generation 2 Line-Up. 

We consider the ArGo from Arizer to be the Perfect EDC device.  Short, discreet, and easy to palm on the move.  The ArGo delivers tasty aroma in under a minute from startup.  The ArGo also runs off the same cell as the Air2, a compact 18650 that can be replaced as needed when on the Go. 

The New Air MAX takes Arizer into its 3rd Generation of Portables.  Arizer chose a user replaceable 26650 battery to increase performance and capacity.  Sleek Black Stainless Steel Shell upgrades the aesthetics with new Dark Mode & Screen Inversion to compliment the new Custom Session Settings enhancements. This was our most reached for device in 2022. 

At 420EDC, we embrace:





Choose from the Standard Package, BonusBox Option or GO BIG with a MegaBox for added value. 

Arizer Portable Micro-Heaters are Not for use with e-liquids, tobacco, or tobacco products.

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Any product purchased from 420EDC is solely intended for the use with legal dry herbal botanicals & flowers.  All goods sold at 420EDC are not designed for use with e-liquids, tobacco, tobacco cessation, or nicotine products.  No product sold by 420EDC is for use with liquids or essential oils as these products would destroy the devices leaving them inoperable.

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