Our TiWarez line started in 2015 when we created the company.  The initial product was our TiChillum 3D Printed Titanium hashpipe which also doubles as a vaporizer cooling unit.  TiChillum was released in March of 2016 after months of research & development.

The TiStash is our first product released in Titanium (Ti6Al4V Grade 5) for 2018 and it is simply a US Government Issue Item that we've decided to rematerialize in titanium.  Stash your ground or unground cannabis flowers in the TiStash for waterproof and lightproof storage on-the-go.  Other uses for the TiStash include geo-caching, cash storage, water purification tablets, pill storage, etc.  An extremely limited run will be available in 3 alloy Titanium Damascus Composite (Timascus™). #takecannabisanywhere

Staying on the lines of simplicity we also have a 3rd product called the TiCD which is the dimensions of a CD case except for the thickness.  The initial batch will be .063" thick Grade 5 Titanium x 5.59" x 4.92".  A simple surface to grind, roll and vape from that is easy to clean and maintain as well as conceal/store when not in use.   We've also added .04" thickness since the arrival of the beta run.

The latest TiWarez product is a throwback to our first piece of consumption gear, a one hitter.  Ti1e is made from Grade 5 titanium, ≈ 66.55mm in length & 9.525mm in diameter.  For times/places where combustion is the only option. 

All 420EDC TiWarez are Made in the US!

Have an idea for future TiWarez?  Drop us a line, we'd love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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