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420EDC Offers an assortment of borosilicate glassware to support the 2nd Generation Arizer Heaters we outfit along with some other commonly used glassware pieces.
Water Pipes:  We offer US Made Glass Heavy Duty Glass from Higher Standards.  Groove's glass isn't as thick in smaller form factor designs. 
ArGo Glass: is available in multiple Variations:
  • OG All Clear Glass in Standard and Extended Size
  • 3D Flow 88mm & 105mm Extended Two-Tone Transparent Color on OG Clear Chamber:  Color on Glass designed for cooling vapor and enhancing the experience.
Solo II MAX, Air MAX and Air SE Glass: is available in an array of variants:

  • Clear Glass (Just like what is included with the 2nd Generation Arizer portable devices)
  • 3D Flow 80mm Curve, 90mm Straight & 110mm Curve assortment of colors on clear base provides additional cooling of aroma for an enhanced experience by increasing surface area = cooling of aroma as well as absorbing/filtering fine debris that may pull thru the glass screens.  Curved variants also increase this function and will not roll away from you. 
  • Helix Pill & Pill BotL is our cooling glassware technology with borosilicate spheres in the path to create a thermal mass which cools the aroma which passes through.
  • Pirl Pill Series takes our cooling glassware technology to an entirely new level with synthetic corundum spheres and pills in visually stunning Ruby & Sapphire Crystal arrays. 

Add the AirPort to the Glassware variant listed above to give the ability to mix fresh air into the Aroma Path to increase cooling. 

Hubble Bubble Variants of the Solo & Air series Glass has an extra cm of clear wider glass behind the glass screen over standard glass variants. Increases wider portion from ≈25mm to ≈35mm

All Solo Air Series glass is compatible with the OG Arizer Solo & Air(& Air2) devices.  Solo Air Series Glass is NOT compatible with the Arizer ArGo. 

TopGreen Glassware: is for XMax V3 Pro, Starry 4 and XLux Roffu from XVape.  Some pieces from the Arizer glassware are replicated with compatibility options for the V3 Pro and Starry 4 while the 14mm Joint will work across these three devices with the appropriate Water Pipe Adapter (WPA) connection.  Feel free to contact us with any questions and check the product descriptions for more details. 

Tinymight 2 Glassware: Revisiting our Arizer glass designs, we have dedicated 14mm, 18/19mm and 2in1 WPA as well as Pill BotL and Pirl Pill BotL glassware designs, all with glass screens built in.  This glass is wider than the Arizer lineup which are not compatible in the Tinymight 2.  Stay tuned as we expand our options here. 

ℹ️ Considering a piece that can be used with H2O?  Use minimal H2O while learning the new glassware, over filling can result in damage to your device.  Our recommendation is to use all pieces dry due to this potential. 

⚠️Working glass shows stress cracks and other anomalies which are unavoidable.  This is the nature of glassware as it is handmade.  Please be aware of this potential when purchasing this glassware.  

ℹ️Concerned with fit issues, please contact us in advance for recommendations.  It's better than sending glass back and forth.  Glass also included on our clearance page is Sold As Is. 

Most Glassware sold via 420EDC is eligible for 6 months protection thru our Glass Pact Program.

Device and other accessories shown for scale, not included with glass purchases

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