420EDC Offers an assortment of glassware to support the 2nd Generation Arizer Vaporizers we outfit along with some other commonly used glassware pieces.
ArGo Glass is available in 3 Variations:
  • OG All Clear Glass in Standard and Extended Size
  • Two-Tone Solid Color on Clear (available in Black & Jade)
  • Two-Tone Transparent on Clear (longer chamber to preserve flavor, thicker glass w/ ≈ 5% chamber reduction & + airflow via improved glass screen placement)
  • 88mm Two-Tone Transparent Color on OG Clear Chamber:  Color on Glass designed for cooling vapor and enhancing the experience.
Solo2/Air2 Glass is available in an array of variants:
  • Easy Flow (Designed for 1st Generation Arizer Vapes to increase airflow)
  • 2.0 Clear Glass (Just like what is included with the 2nd Generation Arizer vapes)
  • Two-Tone Color on Clear (Preserves Chamber size)
  • Transparent Colors (Chamber Size Reduced by ≈ 20% for a better microdose solution)
  • Hubble Bubble Transparent Color on Long Clear Chamber for varied airflow dynamics over the standard design only in 80mm & 110mm Curved Variants.  Standard chamber dimensions with an extra cm of clear behind it. 


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