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420EDC LTD introduces our scientific glass sourced from Schott Glass and manufactured to 420EDC specs in the US. Our Stems are available in two variations/prices and three lengths (small ≈ 68mm)(medium ≈100mm)(medium+ 45˚ ≈110mm):

Slim Stem is screen-less but has a narrowed indent to house our TopHat Bullet Technology at the far end beyond the 19/22mm joint.

Screened Stem has a borosilicate glass screen blown directly above the joint in the stem to house our TopHat Bullet Subchamber Technology.  The screen adds increased air resistance compared to our Slim Stem.

TopHat Bullet Technology is a drop-in/drop-out reloading solution for which our 420EDC Stems are designed to house.  Designed for optimal on-the-go use. Designed for unground material.

Colored Glass and Clear Glass sold with colored glass is not from Schott but sourced from American suppliers.  Not all screens will work with all glass.  If we see an issue with glass you are ordering and compatibility with the screens you are ordering, we'll notify you.