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Arizer Solo & Air (All 4 Generations)

Glassware designed for the Arizer Air SE, Air MAX, Solo II MAX and Solo III Portable Micro-Heaters we currently support.  This glass will also work in the original Arizer Solo, Solo2 &  Air/Air2 devices as well. All glass is made from borosilicate with the exception of the Pirl glassware which incorporates synthetic corundum Rubies and/or Sapphires into the clear borosilicate housing. 

XL Glassware designation is only compatible with the Arizer Solo III (Gen 4)

⚠️Solo/Air Glass is NOT compatible with the Arizer ArGo. 

A quick glossary of terms for our glass:

Hubble Bubble = Extra cm of wider glass beyond the chamber increasing the wide portion from 25mm to 35mm

3D Flow = Indentations to cool and agitate flow along the path increasing surface area

Pill Series = Helix Pill and Pill BotL are the newest glass variants we offer for the Solo & Air devices from Arizer.  Cool a little with the Helix, cool & filter some more with the our Pill BotL design(shop favorite).  Borosilicate glass spheres create a thermal mass to cool and filter the aroma passing thru.  Some variants have an AirPort for additional cool air to enter, some do not have the AirPort, so opt accordingly. 

Pirl Pill Series =   Take the Pill Series mentioned above and remove the borosilicate glass spheres and replace them with synthetic corundum Ruby and Sapphire spheres.  In the Pirl Pill BotL, it is a mix of the two colors that produce a stunning array of vibrant Red and Blue by themselves and purple where there is overlap.  With the Pirl Pill Jam, you can decide from the Ruby variant for the curved mouthpiece with or without an AirPort and for the straight mouthpiece with Sapphires in lighter blue spheres and darker blue Pill in the middle.  Meet the elevation of flavor and cooling!

HiFlo = Glassware designed for the Arizer Solo/Air Series without the 4 hole glass screen that is included on most other variants of glassware we currently offer as of March 2024. 

AirPort = Allows for fresh air to enter the path and cool the aroma

⚠️Working glass shows stress cracks and other flaws which are unavoidable.  This is the nature of glassware as it is handmade.  Please be aware of this potential when purchasing this glassware.

ℹ️Concerned with fit issues, please contact us in advance for recommendations.  It's better than sending glass back and forth.  Glass also included on our clearance page is Sold As Is. 

Most Glassware sold via 420EDC is eligible for 6 months protection thru our Glass Pact Program.
Device and other accessories shown for scale, not included with glass purchases

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