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We source our StashCases from US based manufacturers, some of whom utilize the original OtterBox domestic lineup's molds modernized with texturing and improved materials.   There is a case for everything we carry, literally. 

All of our cases offer a watertight and airtight seal to prevent unwanted dust, dirt, sand and damage to the internal content.  Most sizes have a Lock Gate built in for luggage locks (Kristall Large, Small, Mini & Micro sizes do not). Due to our branding, we offer the option of leaving the 420EDC Logo off the case during checkout.  

  • Micro (our smallest case protects a rounded corner dual battery 18650 case perfectly)
  • Mini (420EDC TiChillum and our TiStash fit nicely)
  • Small (Perfect for the Arizer ArGo and an extra battery or the ArGo alone, also fits the Storz & Bickel Crafty(+) perfectly by itself)
  • Medium (Case fits Arizer ArGo, XMax V3 Pro, XLux Roffu and similar sized heaters and some accessories)
  • Medium Plus ((Similar to the Medium but thicker, holds about an ounce of cannabis flowers or heaters with more gear, etc.)
  • Large (Fits most portable herbal heaters including the Arizer Solo2, AirMAX or YllVape Angus with some extra gear, also fits the Storz & Bickel Mighty(+) and with room for gear)
  • Large Plus (similar in size to Large but thicker, holds a lot of gear with some room to spare)
  • Vert (fits XLux Roffu, Arizer Solo2 and Air MAX as well as similar sized devices in a vertical drop in type configuration)
  • Vert Plus (a taller version of the Vert StashCase ≈ 1.5" taller)

⚠️ Never store wet glassware sealed in this type of case.

Starting in June 2020, we've began phasing out adhesive from our StashCases foam (Vert & Vert+ didn't use any adhesive prior to this) so that the included foam can be easily swapped out for Egg Crate foam as needed.  If you need the foam to stay in place, just use some double sided tape or scotch tape doubled back on itself to hold the foam in place. Egg Crate foam can be purchased separately as needed for your desired setup in select sizes.  


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