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XMax V3 Nano

The XMax V3 Nano features hybrid heating technology with precise temperature control, USB-C Charging, Glass Mouthpiece in a tiny pen-style form factor.  Simple interface (3 rapid clicks on the single button) with 1000mAh Built-In Battery. Pre-Load this for the journey ahead and be ready in ≈ 30 seconds from the time you press the power button to boot-up the device.  Nothing to do besides that except wait for the 3 Minute Session timer to time out or click 3 times to power it off and stash it until you are ready to sesh again!  

Available in 3 Colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red-Yellow Gradient

Spare Parts and Accessories for the XMax V3 Nano are on order, we hope to have them mid-late December to include:  Mouthpiece Top, Glass Adapter (14/18mm), Screen Pack, Glass Mouthpiece and Filter.  Stay tuned here as we'll build out these pages and open up PreOrders when we have a better idea as to when they'll be arriving. 

 Any product purchased from 420EDC is solely intended for the use with legal dry herbal botanicals & flowers.  All goods sold at 420EDC are not designed for use with e-liquids, tobacco, tobacco cessation, or nicotine products.  No product sold by 420EDC is for use with liquids or essential oils as these products would destroy the devices leaving them inoperable. 

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