Are there any discount codes available?  If we have discount codes and promotions, please look thru our homepage entirely for full details in the banners there.  Also on the banners below our logo on other pages, whether it is stationary or scrolling (device dependent), you can find discount codes there for reference as well, just not as much detail as you will find on our homepage banners. 

What currency are your prices listed in?  US$

Is shipping Discreet?  Yes.  We use Ecoenclose Mailers, corrugated white & brown boxes for smaller orders.  On larger orders we use USPS Priority Mail Padded Envelopes and Boxes.  Instead of 420EDC, we use FT-EDC on the return address for discretion.  

How will charges show up on my credit/debit card?  420EDC will show up on your statement.

Where do you ship from?  420EDC ships with USPS out of Damariscotta Maine.  Nothing we sell drop ships from other locations.


I just tracked my order today it still says: Package Acceptance & Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending.  Is there a problem?  We use bulk scans sheets with USPS so individuals packages won't scan locally.  The package is with the USPS and on a truck somewhere closer to your destination.  When tracking next updates, you'll see time/space travel occur as it will scan in locally at that point and also at the actual place the scan occurred very shortly thereafter.  We appreciate your patience while USPS finishes up the logistics on your order. 

⚠️ Internantional Orders now print on our end with a Domestic Shipping Label that goes to a USPS Facility or 3rd Party Contractor for USPS.  From this point, the shipping will update although it may not update prior to this and appear stuck.  Please give the order a few days to transport to the International Mail Handling facility.  There is no reason for alarm on an international order that says it has shipped but is not showing any updates due to this new way of USPS processing these international orders. 


How long does shipping take? We strive to get orders out within 24 hours of receiving it (excluding weekends & USPS holidays).  Smaller orders ship 1st Class Mail via USPS, 3-5 business days.  Orders over 1 Pound ship USPS Priority Mail which generally arrives in 2-3 Days.  USPS  doesn't guarantee these service timeframes and due to COVID-19, USPS states that an extra day should be added to the timeframes above.  Occasionally, our orders get trucked due to lack of flights and misinterpretation of the Lithium Battery Warning stickers we place on orders with a battery or battery powered device inside.  Stand alone Lithium Batteries move via Ground and will take longer than 1st Class & Priority Mail. 

In general, orders from Saturday and Sunday ship Monday.  Orders from Monday ship Tuesday. 

⚠️ Orders with a battery included in the device or separately in an order placed late morning or later in the day on a Friday will ship on Monday.  We've had orders get delayed with a Battery Warning Label shipped on a Saturday specifically due to lack of transportation.  We'd rather hold the order until Monday so you get the order sooner than later in the long run compared to what we've seen on orders shipped on a Saturday. 

Is there a difference between Free Shipping and Flat Rate?  No.  If you are eligible for Free Shipping, your order ships the same method as we ship by weight.  Orders under 1 Pound ship 1st Class Mail, Domestic Orders over 1 Pound ship Priority Mail.  If you decide to pay the $5.99 shipping when you are eligible for FREE Shipping (orders over $99), we'll throw in a handy cleaning tool as a thank you for helping us with the postage costs on your order.

I tried running my credit card but it didn't work.  What happened?   If you tried to use an American Express card, we don't accept it.  If you are using a Visa/MasterCard/Discover card and run into this issue, please don't keep trying your card.  Contact your bank or financial institution to find out why your card may not have gone thru.  Don't keep trying your card unless you are sure you entered something wrong initially when it declined.

Can you under-declare the value of the goods for me to save on Customs Duty/VAT? This is not a request we can accommodate, the fulfillment system on our back-end is automated.  We rely on importing and shipping merchandise as a company.  Catering to these type of requests puts our ability to move goods into legal jeopardy and our company under increased scrutiny with customs and postal officials. Putting this request into your order notes will delay your shipment as we will contact you to relay the information above and give you the option to cancel your order.  Beyond this, Customs can adjust declared value as they see fit, so this type of request is only going to delay your order from shipping sooner. 

How can I see the status of my order? The link in the order confirmation just takes me to a login page.  Login to your 420EDC account to see your order status. 


My Order changed from Shipped back to Awaiting Fulfillment.  What happened here?  Should I be concerned?  Once you have a tracking number, please refer to that for the best reference on your order.  We apologize for the confusion here and are working to address this reversion in order status. 


Need to pay through methods not listed on 420EDC? Reach out to us via Chat or the Contact Us page to discuss.


Need to use a Gift Card?  We can work with you that, just use the Chat or Contact Us.

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