JYARZ designs and sells the best and "greenest" portable glass-lined, reusable and recyclable jars on the planet.

Here's why we with think JYARZ are the best glass containers:

  • JYARZ super protective shell blocks damaging UV radiation
  • JYARZ super thick gaskets create reliable airtight, smell proof seals 
  • JYARZ shock absorbers protect glass inside from shocks and drops
  • JYARZ are cost effective; glass cores, gaskets and shock absorbers are replaceable
  • JYARZ modular design is eco-friendly, never toss the protective plastic housing
  • JYARZ are made of glass and recycled milk jugs (No BPAs or Phthalates).
  • JYARZ are made in the U.S.A. 

And, remember the (why) is silent.

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