ArGo Transparent Color on Clear Two-Tone Aroma Tube

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Tired of the same ol' clear glass for your Arizer ArGo?  We were too!


  • ≈ 15% Thicker chamber wall than Standard Clear Glass
  • ≈ 5% Load Capacity Reduction by Volume
  • Longer Chamber Length for increased flavor longevity
  • Widened Screen Placement for increased airflow
  • Contoured Mouthpiece

We've kept the bottom 35mm of the glass clear for optimal fit, easy cleaning purposes & to maintain volume of the chamber. 

420EDC brings you our collection of 4 colors:

  • Smokey Quartz
  • Pink
  • Emerald Green
  • Cobalt Blue

Take your choice from the OG Standard length ArGo stem in 72mm or the Extended size at 105mm for extra cooling.


Glass walls are thicker than clear glass which means less volume in these stems. Perfect for Microdosers!


PVC Travel Tubes can be purchased Separately. (110mm fits the Extended, 70mm or ArGo size fit the Standard length.)

Stem Caps can be purchased Separately for the chamber end of the Aroma Tube.

End Caps can be purchased Separately for the mouthpiece end of the Aroma Tube.


 ⚠️Working ArGo glass shows stress cracks which are unavoidable.  This is the nature of glassware as it is handmade.  Please be aware of this potential when purchasing this glassware.