Vinyl End Cap 5 Pack

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High Temp Vinyl End Caps for the Arizer ArGo or the Arizer Solo2/Air2 glass.

Select the Device you need these caps for:

  • Arizer ArGo:  Cover the ArGo Aroma Tube mouthpiece with this cap to avoid the need for using the "Push-Top Glass Protection".  These are a better fit on the mouthpiece end of the Aroma Tube and seal better compared to the OEM Arizer Stem Caps and not meant to replace them*.   
  • Arizer Solo2/Air2:  On the Solo2/Air2, these caps FIT TIGHTLY on the mouthpiece end, especially on the initial usage. These caps are ideal for 80mm & 110mm Curved Stems which have no PVC Travel Tube compatibility.  Use the Stem Caps on the chamber end to seal in odor on preloaded stems. 

⚠️*Important Note:  These are NOT recommended for use on the chamber end of the stem as this vinyl isn't food grade and should not touch a stem preloaded with flowers. 

ArGo shown for display purposes only and not included with the purchase of the End Caps.