Pucc Grinder

Threadless Convenience

Our design is completely threadless. Grinders without threads are a pleasure to use as compared to traditional designs. Never having to fuss with stuck, dirty and over-tightened threads makes you want to never go back. We use very strong rare earth magnets, so you don't have to worry about the grinder coming apart in your backpack, pockets, or wherever you can stuff it.


The Pucc was designed to ensure consistency and performance are maintained after rigorous use. This grinder can last extended periods of time before needing to be cleaned, all while providing a nice fine grind.


What makes the Pucc Grinder unique is it's clean beautiful exterior. No ugly exterior logos to distract you from it's pleasurable esthetics. The soft and smooth edges makes the Pucc a delight to caress and gaze at. Some people want to take pride in their premium equipment, and we understand that.

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