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MistVape Touch with 420EDC Package

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Based out of Delaware, MistVape builds vaporizers providing microdose solutions on-demand via convection.  The MistVape Touch has a stainless steel heating coil providing vapor via an all glass airpath.  MVT's heating chamber features pure silver electrodes with minimal exposure to airpath.  The MistVape Touch body is made from Quilted Maple sourced from Pacific Northwest Wood and harvested in a sustainable fashion by local mills in Oregon.  The finish is with Food Grade Carnuba Wax.  

The MistVape Touch includes:

  • MVT Heater Unit
  • Stir Stick
  • Wood on Glass Stem (WonG)
  • Short Glass Stem
  • 3 Pack of Spare Screens

The 420EDC Package included with all of our MistVape Touch units includes: 

  • 420EDC Milaana OTG Stashbox (In black, yellow or blue)
  • Pair of Sony VTC5 batteries 
  • Single Bay Protected Charger
  • Short Lavender Stem

Photos displayed do not represent an exact match to what the wood will look like in the unit you receive beyond the selection of the wood and trim that you choose..  We can't control appearance, grain, or other natural occurrences that occur in the wood.  

MistVape Warrants the MistVape Touch for 2 Years under normal operating conditions and use. Abused units beyond normal wear and tear will be charged an inexpensive repair fee. Taking the MistVape Touch apart voids the warranty.