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Tres ArGo Bubbler

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The Tres ArGo Bubbler has refined elements from its predecessors:

  •   New Shorter Compact Design
  •   New Contoured Curved Mouthpiece
  •   Increased Volume for Improved Airflow. 

≈ 139mm Length

ℹ️ Suggested Use: Use Dry as a Cooling Unit.  Should you decide to Add H2O, use minimal water, take a draw to level inner tube water level, overfilling pulls water inward and downward.  Fill OuterMost Tube ≈ 1/4 full thru Mouthpiece end. This glassware can be a challenge to load/unload & clean. 

 For transport and storage fits in our Large Traveller Tube

⚠️Working ArGo glass shows stress cracks which are unavoidable.  This is the nature of glassware as it is handmade.  Please be aware of this potential when purchasing this glassware.  

Device shown for scale, not included with glass purchase

13 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by Michael on Nov 30th 2022

    This is a great little bubbler, really cools down the vapor and seems well made. Not too hard to use, you can tip it on it's side and refill. Be sure to keep the water line slightly above the holes and you'll be fine. Great add-on for the Arizer ArGo

  • 3
    Works great, but a pain to clean/dry

    Published by Anonymous on Dec 3rd 2021

    This works great for cooling vapor, but it is atrocious to clean! It’s more portable than a bong and adaptor, but still you have to be careful because it makes the device easier to tip over and possibly break.

  • 5
    work of mad genius

    Published by Jesse on Jun 24th 2021

    I love this thing. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but wanted something like this, portable. Well, it delivers. It makes the ArGo mighty indeed. It's crazy how much difference it makes. It's actually still fairly portable, but obviously you know how it will differ compared to a simple glass tube. It's bigger and more vulnerable. The design is the genius of it. I never would have thought of this. Any downside is due to the miniaturization, i.e. it can be a challenge to clean. However, if you have a narrow tube, or even a plastic ziploc baggy, you and put it in with some salt and less alcohol than it would normally require and shake it. It also takes some experimentation with filling and emptying it, but it is not too hard to blow it empty if you want, and filling it is best done with a wee trickle or a dropper. When you're done, you can blow it empty--just make sure it's cool first for gosh sake (you'll only make that mistake once... you will be fine... and I may have spared you from it, because yes, we can all be that dopy). I highly recommend this. I have never gotten a product from these guys yet that didn't' impress me. Their designs are great.

  • 5
    Just when I thought my Argo couldn't get any better

    Published by greatblueheron on Mar 5th 2021

    If you have an Argo you need to get one of these. So smooth. My vaporizer is so clean that I used the same water for 10ish sessions. It doesn't spill even if you try too. It doesn't really even make noise when you pull. I definitely recommend this bubbler if you have an Argo

  • 5
    Awesome piece

    Published by Shy on Oct 4th 2020

    This is my second one since I dropped the first one. It’s a great piece for those that have a sensitive throat, really makes the experience a lot smoother. I also found a really easy way to clean it by throwing it in a silicone container with rubbing alcohol and salt for scrubbing. Super easy and makes it look brand new again.

  • 2
    Worked as intended, with caveats

    Published by rD on Sep 23rd 2020

    So after receiving the product I gave it a go with no water, and to my surprise it cooled quite well. I used it for about three days before trying to fill it which leads me to my two star rating. For products like this, they need easy maintenance. This bubbler has a chamber that, while it does prevent water entering the Arizer, does not allow for water to exit the chamber for cleaning. You'll waste a lot of isopropyl alcohol submerging the whole bubbler to get it clean, and you really need to run a lot of water through to clear out the whole thing. The design still leaves a bit of water in the chamber at all times. This is a tough product to design, so I understand but I will probably not be using it as its way too difficult to maintain. 420EDC Note: Try soaking the glass in a sturdy ziplock type bag so you don't need as much ISO to clean with, salt as an abrasive may help too.

  • 5
    Raising my rating to 5 stars

    Published by Anonymous on Sep 21st 2020

    I had rated the item 4 stars due to how difficult it was to clean. However I found that putting it in a ziplock or silicone container with some alcohol and salt brings it back to new conditions! I just ordered a second one without hesitation since the first one broke.

  • 4
    Great but difficult to clean

    Published by Shy on Sep 6th 2020

    It’s definitely a great piece however I hate how difficult it is to clean. Wish there was a simpler solution to this.

  • 4
    Essential hardware

    Published by Anonymous on Aug 31st 2020

    The Tres ArGo Bubbler is an essential piece of hardware. Small enough for portable use and thoughtfully designed to work with or without water on the go, the Bubbler provides cooling and filtration that pushes the ArGo over the top as the perfect on-the-go device.

  • 5

    Published by DG on Dec 14th 2019

    This is a great little bubbler. Since it is heating material the water does not get dirty or rancid like smoking does. I found it works well on my travels and am happy to use it. Tytyty!

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