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Meet the BackSpacer, sometimes less is more.  Borosilicate glass screen & crutches designed for the Arizer Solo/Air Series (all generations), ArGo, XMax V3 Pro & XLux Roffu devices.  Since we've added the Tinymight 2 to our arsenal, we've found that the largest 10-10.75mm BackSpacers work with a little room to spare around the sides so they don't get stuck. 

Configure them however you want in your aroma tube.  Use one or use two (or three (ArGo, 3rd Photo)), it is totally up to you.  Moving flowers forward is what these are designed to do.  Not meant to be snug, just some glass to plug up the volume so you can do more with less. If you decide to put glass on the end of the Arizer stem, it will conduct heat from the base of the heater thru the glass rather than scorching the load by preventing material from touching the metal heater floor. 

It's important that they entire volume of the stem is full of flowers and BackSpacer glass, no gaps of space needed as if you were loading an Arizer stem without the BackSpacer.  You can also just leave the end empty and tamp down the flowers as you would normally but if you are using a 5mm BackSpacer behind a small bit of flowers, the weight of the BackSpacer may shift your flowers lower in the chamber onto the oven floor and quickly degrade flavor.  This is why we recommend a setup similar to the 2nd photo in this product profile, to keep everything in place. 

Lastly, you can flip the script and savor the flavor by shifting flowers back from the heater floor with thicker Crutches at the base and/or the screen up against the glass screen in the Aroma Tube.  Like we said, configure them how you want.

Not sure what to get?  Pick up the Assorted Pack to figure out a configuration you prefer and then opt for three packs of those sizes should you want more, this way you have some soaking, some already clean and some in your rotation. 

Our newest size is for the XMax V3 Pro and XLux Roffu.  Drop a 2mm screen into the floor to preserve flavor and drop a bigger size on the flowers sandwiched in between to use less flowers in the chamber or dosing capsule.  Like with the Arizer devices, it's totally up to you how you want to configure the BackSpacers.  We like to have one above and one below, keeps the flowers tasting the way they should and helps keep the metal mouthpiece/capsule lid screen cleaner.  This size of BackSpacer also fits neatly into the Glass (and stainless steel) heater insert for the XLux Roffu.  This size is only available in an assorted 3 Pack Currently, individual 3 Pack Sizes may be added in future batches.

V3 Pro/Roffu BackSpacers should only be considered for the Official V3 Pro/Roffu OEM Caps from TopGreen.  If you wish to get BackSpacers for the narrower Plastic Tube/Travel Caddy 3rd Party Capsules, then opt for the Arizer ArGo BackSpacer size in those dosing capsules. 

Available in 3 Sizes/Diameter:

≈8-8.75mm for the Arizer ArGo and XMax V3 Nano

≈9-10mm for the XMax V3 Pro and XLux Roffu

≈10-10.75mm for the Arizer Solo/Air/Solo2/Air2/Air MAX/Air SE and Tinymight 2

We've begun offering 3 Packs of each BackSpacer thickness for either of the diameters listed above in the Solo/Air Series and ArGo variants.:

  • 2mm Screen
  • 3mm Crutch
  • 5mm Crutch

⚠️Always use gravity to your advantage when deploying/withdrawing the BackSpacer loaded aroma tubes (this is why the two photos with glass are pointing upwards, not down). Never force glass into place when using BackSpacers, withdraw the glass and reseat it if things stop moving or don't seat properly.

⚠️BackSpacers may not be compatible with every piece of glass, especially over-torched (flame polished) ends that have rounded inwards.  This is a flaw in the glass that doesn't make it dysfunctional, it's just the nature of handmade glassware.  We can check new glass purchased with BackSpacers for fit.  If you find glass stem where a BackSpacer doesn't want to go in, you should just try another piece of glass (either stem or narrower BackSpacer) as forcing a BackSpacer into place may cause it to get stuck.  Glass is anything but exact from mold to mold, batch to batch, piece to piece.

⚠️BackSpacer, Stem and Flowers will be hot post session.  Give your glass some time to cool before handling. BackSpacers work best with clean glass so that everything sits nicely as shown in the 2nd photo (5mm crutch at the back, flowers in between, 2mm screen at the front).  ⚠️⚠️Dispose of structurally compromised BackSpacers safely and do not continue using them. ⚠️⚠️

The glass on the BackSpacer is cut and not polished, so it may discolor over time depending on how often you clean the glass and the temperatures you vape at as well as if you are exposing the glass to a heat source that isn't immaculately clean as well.  Repeating the process will just bake the previous session's layer onto the glass unless the glass is cleaned after every session, which is asking a lot.  We don't recommend trying to use an ultrasonic cleaner or abrasive on the glass as it will possibly break the glass in terms of the ultrasonic cleaner and the abrasive will wear the glass down over time.  It is fine to continue using it discolored so long as the structure is fully intact and not compromised.

BackSpacers cuts may not be even as this is hand worked and glass doesn't always cut evenly.  Beware of rough edges.   

Photos shown here are examples of how to use the BackSpacer.  There is no right or wrong way in terms of how you configure the BackSpacers.


⚠️Modify at your own risk, buyer assumes all responsibility with this gear.


We recommend our Titanium Toothpick for cleaning between deeper cleans and easier handling of these small glass pieces.

12 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by Robj on Aug 10th 2023

    These have been a savor. Helps keep the debris off the oven floor on the arizer products. Also acts as a screen for top loads for the v3. Would recommend picking some up.

  • 5
    2mm backspacer

    Published by K on May 24th 2023

    Works great in the Airizer stems because it keeps the herbs from touching the heating element and scorching and helps to keep the device clean.

  • 5
    The right tool

    Published by Alex on May 18th 2022

    This backspacer set works flawlessly with my xmax. It is just what I needed to utilize less material per session.

  • 5
    love these things

    Published by ken on Apr 22nd 2022

    my second order. i should buy a box. i arizer solo many times a day. without these spacers I would be burning through way to much thcA. saving me a fortune. Also keeps the bowl cleaner longer and makes emptying way easy. Finally helps reduce the snacks, not quite a mesh screen, but an improvement.

  • 5
    Great Idea!

    Published by JB on Apr 13th 2022

    Once you get use to the procedure of inserting/removing the aroma tubes with the ArGo unit held upside down, these work great for loading smaller amounts to microdose with the ArGo. Easy to keep clean by wiping with ISO every couple of uses.

  • 5

    Published by Anonymous on Jan 14th 2022

    Way easier than metal screens, different sizes really help for dosing

  • 5

    Published by Neil on Dec 10th 2021

    These are exactly what I was looking for. I use them to cap the bottom of my Arizer stems for microdosing and because I like having an all glass chamber (not sure if this actually accomplishes anything,..). So far, I haven't lost any (I ordered two sets of the variable sized) and it is pretty funny watching me try to keep track of them after I've smoked. Fast shipping, would (and likely will) order again.

  • 5
    Glass spacer

    Published by Brian on Oct 29th 2021

    They work great, allow me to microdose in my Solo II, just wish I would have ordered a couple more in my first order as the smaller ones can chip from use. Or it would be nice if someone actually had shallow mouth pieces in stock. Though I like to be able to swap around the spacers to meet my needs with a variety of strains

  • 4

    Published by Ken on Sep 20th 2021

    a simple solution. it makes it a quicker bowl, but it is a better burn.

  • 5
    Great for microdosing

    Published by Kim on Jun 6th 2021

    These are lifesavers that make microdosing easier. They get the flower closer to the heating element for more efficient extraction. I like these so much, I purchased another set!

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