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Meet the BackSpacer, sometimes less is more.  Borosilicate glass screen & crutches designed for the Arizer portable devices we carry (and fits those we don't). 

Sold in an Assorted 3 Pack which includes a 2mm thick screen, 3mm thick crutch & 5mm thick crutch.  Configure them however you want in your aroma tube.  Use one or use two (or three (ArGo, 3rd Photo)), it is totally up to you.  Moving flowers forward is what these are designed to do.  Not meant to be snug, just some glass to plug up the volume so you can do more with less.  For the DotLeaf V1.5, it's a large chamber in which the BackSpacer can fill some of that space so that you can save material and not have to fill the entire volume with flowers.  If you decide to put glass on the end of the Arizer stem, it will conduct heat from the base of the heater thru the glass rather than scorching the load by directly by the loaded material touching the metal heater or being close in proximity without any protection.  It's important that they entire volume of the stem if full of flowers and BackSpacer glass, no gaps of space needed as if you were loading an Arizer stem without the BackSpacer.  You can also just leave the end empty and tamp down the flowers as you would normally. 

Available in 2 Sizes Diameter:

≈8-8.75mm for the Arizer ArGo (also fits DotLeaf V1.5 Chamber)

≈10-11mm for the Arizer Solo2/Air2

We've begun offering 3 Packs of each BackSpacer thickness for either of the diameters listed above:

  • 2mm Screen
  • 3mm Crutch
  • 5mm Crutch

⚠️Always use gravity to your advantage when deploying/withdrawing the BackSpacer loaded aroma tubes. Never force glass into place when using BackSpacers, withdraw the glass and reseat it if things stop moving or don't seat properly.

⚠️BackSpacers may not be compatible with every piece of glass, especially over torched (flame polished) ends that have rounded inwards.  This is a flaw in the glass that doesn't make it dysfunctional, it's just the nature of handmade glassware.  We can check new glass purchased with BackSpacers for fit.  If you find glass stem where a BackSpacer doesn't want to go in, you should just try another piece of glass (either stem or narrower BackSpacer) as forcing a BackSpacer into place may cause it to get stuck.  Glass is anything but exact from mold to mold, batch to batch, piece to piece.

⚠️BackSpacer, Stem and Flowers will be hot post session.  Give your glass some time to cool before handling. BackSpacers work best with clean glass so that everything sits nicely as shown in the 2nd photo (5mm crutch at the back, flowers in between, 2mm screen at the front).  ⚠️⚠️Dispose of structurally compromised BackSpacers safely and do not continue use. ⚠️⚠️

Photos shown here are examples of how to use the BackSpacer.  There is no right or wrong way in terms of how you configure the BackSpacers.

We recommend our Titanium Toothpick for cleaning between deeper cleans.

3 Reviews

  • 5
    Great for microdosing

    Published by Kim on Jun 6th 2021

    These are lifesavers that make microdosing easier. They get the flower closer to the heating element for more efficient extraction. I like these so much, I purchased another set!

  • 5
    The solution I've been looking for

    Published by Karen on Jun 2nd 2021

    Since I got the solo2, I've been looking for a smaller bowl to use with it. The backspacer has ended up being the solution for me. The spacer lets me use much less flower while getting the same smooth, long-lasting draws from a snugly packed bowl. For me, smoking less is about being high for less time, vs. being less high.... so this is a really perfect addition to my weekday evenings. I'm back to just mellow by bedtime, no waste.

  • 5

    Published by Daniel Wright on Mar 15th 2021

    I’ve been using these BackSpacers for about a month. I love my Solo2, and these make it that much better. The screen will keep those little critters from the heating chamber, while diffusing the heat for a more even burn. Lower temps seem to be needed with the screen in place. The crutch will keep those critters from your teeth, in addition to being the ticket for micro dosing. I am expecting an Argo any day now, (from 420EDC of course), along with two sets of BackSpacers, with an extra set for my S2, just in case.

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