Solo 2 and Air 2 Clear Aroma Tube

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Clear borosilicate glass Aroma Tubes for the Solo 2 and Air 2 from Arizer.  These will also work in the OG Solo and Air as well. 

Available in two variants:

Easy-Flow Design with etched sides and notched base for improved airflow as well as providing an indication of where packed material should cease. 

2.0 Style* is smooth all around just like the glassware included with the 2nd Generation Arizer portables. 

Choose from the standard Arizer sizes:

  • 70mm
  • 90mm
  • 110mm
  • 115mm**
  • 110mm Curved


* Solo2 not included

**Not standard size, does not fit PVC travel tube

Not included with purchase but for extra protection consider that some of these (excludes curved & 115mm variants) fit in the Arizer PVC Travel Tube