The Ripper XL 3 Piece

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Now: $149.00
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Introducing the Ripper 3 piece XL version in a Polished or Matte finish. This bad boy measures 2-1/2” in diameter and is precision machined from 100% 300 Series Stainless Steel that is both Medical Grade & Food Grade. The Ripper XL is as perfect as the original Ripper just bigger in diameter, deeper cutting chamber, and flawless operation.

  1. Magnetized Lid - keeps a strong hold on your grinder so that it won't spill your contents while grinding
  2. Sharp Teeth - designed to rip to incredibly fine pollen
  3. Basin - made with a large radius so that you can easily scrape the final product without any going to waste
  4. Beautiful finish- designed without any coatings but will prevent sticking on the teeth!