Storage Solutions

At 420EDC we pride ourselves on stocking the best storage solutions for your cannabis, vaporizers and other essential gear.  This gear puts the EveryDayCarry in 420EDC:

  • LockBox- larger boxes for multiple vapes, pricey fragile borosilicate glass, and/or lots of cannabis.  US Made
  • StashCase- smaller cases for individual vaporizers and components.  US Made
  • JYARZ- Airtight/Lightproof glass lined plastic containers in 3 sizes:  Classic, Satchmo & Chico along with Classic Funnel and Satchmo Grinder.  US Made
  • Doob Tubes-  Airtight, moisture resistant, lightproof*, Keeps odor in.  US Made

We carry all of our gear when on-the-go in Recycled Firefighter backpacks

*Black Tube Variant Only

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