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Last of Build Your Own: TiStash

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With the 420EDC TiStash you can always have a cache of hemp on hand for when you need it.  Waterproof and lightproof the tube protects flowers from the elements and can also be used for Geo-Caching, storing cash, water purification tablets, pill storage, etc.
    •    Grade 5 Titanium (Ti6Al4V)
    •    Overall length: 82.90 mm
    •    External diameter: 24.10 mm
    •    Internal opening: 18.78 mm
    •    Internal depth: 68.00 mm
    •    Weight:  ≈ 66 g
    •    Lid is secured via flange to seal cap with internal food grade o-ring preventing sticky material from reaching the threads
    •    Rematerialized design from Government Issue / U.S. Made / U.S. Issue Item

Choose your favorite TiStash Finish:

  • Lightly Tumbled Polish (only select colors available as we have no more raw available for lower voltage colors which have all sold out)
  • Boroblast (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Zirblast (ALL SOLD-OUT)

Then pick which color you would like it anodized (from Right to Left in the cover photo):

  • Light Bronze (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Dark Bronze (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Eggplant (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Dark Purple(ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Purple (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Dark Blue (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Blue (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Medium Blue (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Sky Blue
  • Light Blue (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Ice Blue (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Silver Blue (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Pale Yellow (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Light Yellow (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Yellow (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Gold (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Gold Pink (Orange)
  • Light Pink (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Pink (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Fuchsia (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Dark Fuchsia (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Vibrant Purple (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Blurple (ALL SOLD-OUT)
  • Purple Teal
  • Teal Green
  • Green
  • Green Gold
  • Golden Green

These pieces are custom anodized in house with each piece being unique to how the colors fall on chosen finish from piece to piece.

Each TiStash comes with the Tools below as well as a Split Ring that allows for easy attachment to a keychain. 




4 Reviews

  • 5
    Forever piece

    Published by Dan on Jul 9th 2023

    Like other comments, I didn't know what I didn't need. This is a beast. Extremely solid, no smell and very tight threads. My current travel grind. Perfect for your EDC!

  • 5
    yours for life

    Published by Jesse on Apr 19th 2021

    These TiWarez items are well-designed and are bombproof. They would be lost or given away, or survive the death of their owner, long before they would break or use their usefulness. There is a lot of crap on the market, so it's great to find a reliable brand. Anyway, I have two of these now, and I would recommend a person purchase as many as they will use (or more). Just realize, they are "forever" items, so don't overdo it! I will sometimes carry flower in one and bring another along to store my discard after vaporizing (which I don't discard--I put it into food items). However, you can use them for any number of things. You might also want to carry two types of flower with you. They're super handy around the house, too, for storing AVB or ash or whatever else. Of course, they don't have to be used for 420-related things. They can be used to carry or store anything from guitar bridge pins to birth control (okay maybe not the best idea) or medication or whatever. They won't let you down, although I suppose metal detectors will think you have something really intriguing.

  • 5
    glad I pulled the trigger

    Published by Sage on Nov 29th 2019

    I did not know I needed a titanium stash capsule... until I got it. Boy I wish I had one of these 15 years ago! Amazing quality material to keep your flower smell proof, and rich and fluffy. Because it is titaniu,, the metal does not rob electrons from organic material, meaning your bud won't lose it's "life force" so to speak. I noticed this instantly being sensitive to metal myself, good sourced titanium is always innert and safe. The case is quality, every time I screw the cap back on I am reminded of the care in the machining process of this storage unit. Plus the tools are integral additions to this setup. I keep my pokey tool and scrapey/packy tool and am grateful to always have it on hand for the thousands of times I need those tools, these are also titanium. CHOOSE YOUR COLOR!!! thank you much 420EDC

  • 5

    Published by Justin on Aug 29th 2019

    The Ti Stash container is awesome! I've had many storage containers over the years from cheap aluminum containers to Jyarz and the TiStash is by far my favorite. Super smooth, indestructible, air tight and great size. Goes perfectly with my Ti Grasshopper and love the color too. HIGHLY recommend this container looking to preserve their stash, keep it safe and stylish! Must have for any outdoors person, hiker, camper, kayaker, etc.

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