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LockBox 1LB

Was: $49.95
Now: $39.95
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420EDC Ltd presents the LockBox.  We needed one of these as a medical cannabis patient in Vermont to carry our medicine outside the house.  We use the 1LB size to house our favorite American Made vaporizers.   Now available in Red, Orange and Yellow!

* Have a bad case of VAS?  

* Live in a state where your goods need to be locked On-The-Go?  

*Own some borosilicate that needs kushion?

We offer a variety of sizes to accommodate a few aromatherapy devices to full on borosilicate glass water pieces padded for travel.

The pick and pluck foam allows these cases to be customized to your liking.  

Lifetime Guarantee: We will replace any case that fails over time – at any time! However we cannot provide a warranty to cover contents so we strongly urge customers to test the case prior to use.


  • High Impact Abs
  • #316 Stainless Steel Pins
  • Foam Lined 1/8″ 2a Volara

1LB -$59.95

Inside Dimensions: 

  • 9.37″ long
  • 7.34″ wide
  • 4.08″ deep
  • 238.0 mm long
  • 186.4 mm wide
  • 103.6 mm deep

Outside Dimensions:

  • 10.18″ long
  • 8.55″ wide
  • 4.78″ deep
  • 258.6 mm long
  • 217.2 mm wide
  • 121.4 mm deep


  • 2.80 lbs
  • 1.3 kg

Depth Rating:

  • 80 Feet for
  • 30 minutes*

Temperature Range:

  • -30 F to 175 F

All cases conform to MIL-STD-810F Transit Drop Test and Immersion Test and SAE J575 Dust Resistant Test.

* Case contents are not warranted. Cases should be tested prior to submersion.

Sizes shown for comparison between 4 LockBox Sizes.  See dimensions to determine what meets your needs.

Gear shown inside box is not included and shown for display purposes only.


We guarantee the case (and will replace your case if it breaks) but we cannot guarantee the contents of a case, since we cannot control how a case is packed or cared for. We strongly recommend that your case be tested prior to use and the seal checked periodically.