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Bronze TiChillum

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420EDC introduces the TiChillum in Bronze anodize, choose from two finishes: 

TiChillum is a Chillum style pipe in 3D Printed Titanium.  We use DMLS technology to harden Ti64eli alloy powder into the form of this pipe.  Choose from polished finish (shine) or beadblast finish (matte)

Lightweight, weighing in at just under 24 grams.  Easy to disassemble and clean. Modular design allows for keychain or necklace carry. 

Every TiChillum comes with a 420EDC Mini StashCase with room to hold enough essentials to make it thru the day.  StashCase is smell tight and water resistant.   

1st Batch  TiChillum's are laser engraved with a serial number on the underside of the air cooling chamber (center section). 

Doubles as a cooling unit for devices with some hackery and silicone tubing etc.

Two rings shown  are included, add-ons can be purchased separately that have a single eyelet loop for keychain or lanyard carry.  A double eyelet attachment is also available for necklace type carry.


Bronze Anodized Variant has Limited availability!  Each piece is unique

1 Review

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    Published by Jesse on May 25th 2021

    Okay, so I think a lot of the time, when people say "functional art," they mean "art that functions," i.e. it can do something. WELL, I don't want to diminish the artistic achievements of this little unit (actually, it's what attracted me to it), but this is really truly functional art. It wouldn't matter if it didn't work, and this is the best chillum I've ever encountered. I love chillums. I don't know what. I mostly use inflorescent heaters these days, not combustion. I'm also broke. But this thing just captured me. The raw looks gorgeous, by the way, but I'm glad I got the bronze. Okay, let's just talk about the design then. Most chillums are not really designed. They're just a chillum. Well, this is designed. It's intricate how the three separate pieces connect together. This makes it incredibly easy to clean, not that it needs it often (ever?). I have never actually seen a design like this. It reminds me of a clock the way everything fits together. But, lest you worry, there are not vulnerable, moving piece type elements. It is still a simple design, after all. Complexity is the enemy of a good design like this. This is timeless, like something you'd find in Greece and someone would say it's from Atlantis!!! But. It's not. (Actually, it looks Arabic to me, or maybe Indian, and I love it.) I love how the herb chamber and mouthpiece are designed. When fitted together with the middle section, it's almost impossible to ever inhale any ash. It's easy to fill, works well whether completely full and jam-packed or just with a little shoved in there, and if there are ever any problems (rarely), just use something like the EDC icepick to poke the holes. If you ever do want to clean it, just take it apart, gently remove the o-rings, and put it in a little big of iso with salt, shake it around some. That's about it. Yes, it will be hot when you use it. That's just the nature of it. It will be warm on the back of your throat. Something a little crazy is that, properly smoked and used, it never really seems to heat my lips up at all. I've burned my inner mouth on one-hitters and chillums before. I have never burned myself with this (except if I touch the hot end when it's hot, gee, shouldn't need a warning label there tho!). Anyway, it is a little ironic that I try to stick to heated flower now and try to not smoke very often, and I've met my favorite smoking companion now. It's also pretty much indestructible and is pretty BA-looking along with being beautiful. I could actually say more. Once in a while, you acquire a special, timeless object in life. I guess it doesn't have to be something that lasts forever, but it is often something that will outlast the owner. This is one such object. I don't know if 420EDC will ever design an inflorescence heater, but if there is some way to apply the genius of their glass designs etc, and I actually think this is one of the most genius (or ingenius? uh... what's the difference) designs of them all. I wonder what a heater designed this well would be like. It might be a while before we see a heater that is quite as noble an object as this, but we'll see. Get the 420EDC glassware to use with your heaters, though. You won't be disappointed. And when choosing between 420EDC vs OEM glass, I would actually go 420EDC now .

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