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4 Pack of Dosing Capsules for XMax Starry 4 in Plastic Tube

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Alternative Dosing Capsules for the XMax Starry 4 which offer a microdosing solution compared to the OEM Dosing Capsules from TopGreen/XMax.  These capsules are machined and heavier (by over 1 gram) than the OEM Capsules, hence the difference in price.  Much more machining going on with this design, machine time = increased cost.   

This version is shorter (≈20%) and the lids are less finicky than the OEM Dosing Capsules.  The dimensions around the perimeter of the capsules are similar to the OEM Capsules, just miss being exact by a few thousandths of an inch.  Holes in the lid and base are wider in diameter but there are less of them compared to the OEM Caps. The base is also machined with peg legs, one on each end of the oval, this decreases capacity to the point that we estimate this capsule holds ≈ 25-33% less material compared to the stock caps. 

The Stainless Steel used in these caps doesn't attract to the magnets in the body of the Starry 4 (like the OEM steel) and they fall out of the device easily.  Depending on how you pack them, you may feel/hear them lift off the floor of the chamber until you release the draw due to the shortened stature. There is a notch machined into the body of these capsules so that the lid of the cap can be lifted off easier on one end of the oval design.

Each order includes:

  • 4 Dosing Capsules with Lids
  • Clear Plastic Travel Tube with White Plastic Lid

⚠️ Lids connect via friction and are not designed to be a tight fit, otherwise they fit too tight and are unable to dislodge.

1 Review

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    4 Pack of Dosing Capsules

    Published by Michael on Sep 17th 2023

    I really like these dosing capsules. They are easier for me to remove and put on the top. I think they have better air flow then the OEM capsules

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