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BOGO Integra Boost 8 Pack

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Integra BOOST™ 2-way humidity control packs offer a safe, simple, effective solution for creating the balanced environment your products need to thrive. Available in two distinct relative-humidity levels, preserving your favorite flowers has never been easier.  Put one in your cart and we'll add the second automatically as part of our limited time Buy One Get One Free promotion. 

Why choose Integra?
Non-toxic, salt-free and spill-proof, our humidity control products and packs won’t alter the smell, taste or aroma. The cleanest option for humidity control, Integra Boost products are printed using food-grade ink and are completely safe to directly touch your product.

Safe | Salt-free | Non-Toxic
FDA-Compliant | Plant-based | Spill & tear-resistant | 99% Biodegradable

What ingredients does the Integra Boost pack contain?

Each pack contains a proprietary blend of plant-based glycerin and water. Each of our packs is spill and tear-resistant, FDA-compliant, 99% biodegradable and non-toxic.

This includes 8 single 1 gram packs in 55% RH or 62% RH. 

45mm diameter circular packs.  Each 1 gram pack is suitable to store an 1/8th oz of flower.  Have a half ounce?  Use 4 packs. 

Once you open the package from 420EDC, we recommend storing these in a sealed container for long term storage when not being used with your flowers. 

How long do Boost packs last on average before I have to replace?

Once opened, product life varies—from a couple of months to one full year—depending on the moisture in the area, the product you’re preserving and a number of other variables. Keep in mind that, the more you open and close the container where the pack is placed, the more of its contents the pack will need to use to readjust to the constant change in moisture levels. So, if your pack is in a container you access frequently (a JYARZ of flowers that you open once a week) it will need to be replaced quicker than if it’s in an area you don’t access often (locked away in a JYARZ that you only open on special occasions).

Do not store 55% RH & 62% RH together in the same container.

⚠️Leave packets intact, don't open and dump content on your flowers.⚠️

These packs fit into the Herb Ripper Storage Cap and can be seated underneath the silicon o-ring gasket with the 2" size as shown in the 2nd photo. Herb Ripper Storage Cap and catch plate are not included with purchase, shown for display/scale purposes only.  Herb Ripper Grinders and tray are not included with purchase, shown for display/scale purposes only. 

⚠️Open Plastic that we ship the 8 Pack in with care so you don't puncture a packet. 

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