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1st Time Use and ProTips for the XMax Starry 4

1st Time Use and ProTips for the XMax Starry 4

Published by Mark @420EDC on May 20th 2023

1st Time Use

  1. Fully Charge Battery before 1st Use (this is a good time to read the user manual and understand the manufacturer's instructions beyond this guidance).
  2. While Battery is charging remove Mouthpiece Top and disassemble it. Withdraw ceramic filter (bottom right) from the base of the Mouthpiece Top, this is a tight fit, so be careful it doesn't dislodge and pop out of the silicone as this piece is fragile and should it fall onto a tile floor, it could break (happened to us on our initial use).  Rinse the ceramic filter or soak in isopropyl alcohol or culinary solvent (IA/CS).  Pull the Mouthpiece Tip (top right) out of the mouthpiece assembly, this can also be soaked/rinsed with IA/CS, be sure to remove the washer from the Mouthpiece Tip prior to soaking.  Wipe down silicone filter housing  (2nd from bottom right) with an alcohol swab or cotton swab soaked in IA/CS.  Wipe the mouthpiece assembly (3rd piece down on right) with an alcohol swab or cotton soaked IA/CS.  Avoid using IA/CS on the silicone housing (4th piece down on right) magnets (on underside of side shown in photo):  This piece may not come out of the Mouthpiece Top initially, it is not in contact with the vapor path, so you don't need to remove it.  It may come out in time with use and heat cycles of expansion and contraction, so here it is in case yours comes out like ours did.  The Dosing Capsule should be soaked in IA/CS or rinsed down with a cotton swab internally and externally including the lid.  Lastly an IA/CS lightly soaked cotton swab can be used on the white ceramic inside the chamber and base screen which can be dislodged using a cleaning tool.  Keep the unit inverted so that no IA/CS drips into the heater below the ceramic screen. You can lightly torch the stainless steel chamber screen until it glows orange to remove any residual machining oils, it may change colors once it cools beyond raw silver. Rinse all parts with water where IA/CS was used that are the main body the of the Starry 4.  Allow all parts to dry before reassembling Mouthpiece Top. 
  3. Conduct Burn-Off runs with the device heated to MAX Temp 464˚F (240˚ C) for Session length of 10 Minutes (hold Up & Power Button Two Seconds to Toggle Session Length, see the small text between current Temp & Battery Bar to understand your current session length setting).  Mouthpiece Assembly should not be installed during Burn-Off runs.  Multiple Burn-Off runs may be necessary to remove any residual packaging smell.  Putting the device outside in on a breezy day or in a window with a breeze may help (not in rain or direct sunlight).  Any smells will dissipate with use or additional cleanings.  3 Clicks on the Power Button turns the device on/off. 
  4. Use the Dosing Capsules to keep the white chamber ceramic heater clean.  This material will stain if flowers are used in the chamber over time without using the capsules (our chamber is spotless 3 months in using the dosing capsule soley).  It doesn't affect performance but using the Dosing Capsules consistently will keep the ceramic whiter longer term than not.  Load the Dosing Capsule with ground flowers and insert into the Starry 4 chamber.  Power on the device and select temperature.  Lower temps deliver the best flavors (we like 333˚F for prolonged good flavors).  Adjust airflow to your needs (it's above the power button on the display side of the device below the mouthpiece assembly), it moves up/down for more/less fresh air.  Increase temps for a fuller extraction or go longer at lower temps.  
  5. Once session is complete, allow device to cool before removing the Dosing Capsule or Mouthpiece Top.  


  1. Consider an external charger and supply of extra batteries. Charging ports can be a failure point on any device which is why we recommend using the on-board charger for emergency purposes rather than by default. The Hohm Tech line is what we recommend. Hohm Tech's safety guide is solid resource and listed under the product description of each battery cell we carry from Hohm Tech. Not all 18650s are created equal, so only use a battery rated for use in this type of device, all of the Hohm Tech cells we carry in the 18650 size exceed the specification for the XMax Starry 4.
  2. Go Big with the Dosing Capsule Travel Tube.  If you opt for this, be sure to clean all the Dosing Capsules, the inside of the Travel Tube and outside of the Travel Tube.  There is a barcode sticker on the Travel Tube which can be easily removed with a few drops of cooking oil to break up the adhesive and sticker paper.  IA/CS can also be used initially to remove whatever you can't peel off by hand.  The cooking oil will do the trick for the last bits especially.  
  3. Keep the Mouthpiece Top parts clean, the cleaner you keep them, the easier they are to clean.  The Mouthpiece Tip and Ceramic Filter will need the most maintenance along with the Dosing Capsules.  The device doesn't require much maintenance beyond this but the cleaner it is, the better it will taste along with the device performing optimally while clean vs gummed up with resin residues robbing flavor and potency from the vapor.  
  4. Remember the fragile parts like the Mouthpiece Tip and Ceramic Filter.  These parts will break just like glass, so be on your A Game when handling and cleaning these parts.  

Stay Safe & Stay Tuned

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