1st Time Use, ProTips and Tweaks for the XMax V3 Pro

1st Time Use, ProTips and Tweaks for the XMax V3 Pro

Published by Mark @420EDC on Feb 18th 2022

1st Time Use:

1)  Fully Charge the Battery before proceeding. 

2)  Do Burn-Offs on the device in Session Mode at Max Temperature.  Allow the device to cool between Burn Offs.  

3)  Clean the Stock Mouthpiece plastic shell with warm soapy water.  The metal screen and ceramic cooling unit can be soaked in Isopropyl Alcohol or Culinary Solvent (IA/CS).  Avoid using IA/CS on the plastic or magnets as this could compromise the adhesives and plastic stability long term.  Q-Tip dipped in IA/CS works well to clean the silicon housing for the cooling unit and screen assemblies.  Allow to dry before use.

4)  Use a Q-Tip dipped in IA/CS to clean the stainless steel chamber and screen below.  Use minimal liquid on the Q-Tip and invert the device so nothing drips down into the heater core.  Allow to dry before use.

5)  Battery: Remove/Install

Removing the battery: Use the tethered fabric cord gently slid downward towards the base of the device and lift the negative end of the cell from the spring loaded post below by gently pulling upward on the fabric cord using your thumb to keep the positive end of the battery in place towards the middle of the V3 Pro.  While it may seem easier to use the cord to lift the positive end of the battery out, this can cause the battery wrapper to tear around the positive terminal making the battery a safety concern for continued use.  

To install the battery:  Be sure the battery tether is sticking out the side of the compartment and not compressed below the battery.   Use the negative end of the cell to push downward on the spring loaded terminal with the edge of the cell (not the middle as it makes the next part harder), keep the battery as horizontal to the device as possible while continuing to keep the spring compressed on the negative terminal.  Gently push the positive end of the cell into place so that there is no contact with the postive terminal until the entire battery is in the compartment.

6)  XMax Glassware:  Clean glass pieces with IA/CS by gently pulling away from the silicon housing, pull towards any side to dislodage.  Metal screen assembly can be soaked in IA/CS.  Silicon housing for the glass and metal screen assembly can be cleaned with a Q-Tip dipped in IA/CS like the stock mouthpiece silicon.  All parts to dry before use. 

Be sure to not push the metal screen itself at the base of the screen cylinder housing inwards, just soak the entire piece in IA/CS and then rinse with water. 


1)  Loading:  Airflow is essential for this device to operate as intended.  Pack the chamber full and tamp down ground material gently, additional material can be added and tamped to fill the entire space. 

2)  Post Session:  Clean the chamber while the device is warm.  Allowing it to cool will require more maintenance and time to clean.  For best flavor on the next session, a Q-Tip dipped in IA/CS can be used or a dry Q-Tip to swab down the inside of the chamber and remove any residue from the previous session.  

3)  Stock Mouthpiece:  Clean all internal parts often for best flavor and performance.  Clogged metal screens disrupt airflow.  Resinated ceramic cooling units impact the flavor vs a clean cooling unit. 

4)  Glass Mouthpiece/Adpater:  Be sure that the metal screen is pushed slightly upward past the silicon for best seal.  You can dry hit the glass to be sure.  

5)  The cleaner you keep any of the Mouthpiece parts, the easier it is to clean them.

6)  Consider an external charger and supply of extra batteries.  Charging ports can be a failure point on any device which is why we recommend using the on-board charger for emergency purposes rather than by default.  The Hohm Tech line is what we recommend. Hohm Tech's safety guide is solid resource and listed under the product description of each battery cell we carry from Hohm Tech.  Not all 18650s are created equal, so only use a battery rated for use in this type of device, all of the Hohm Tech cells we carry in the 18650 size exceed the specification for the V3 Pro. 


1)  Extra Screen:

We recommend is picking up a pack of the Arizer Solo2/Air2 OEM Screens. After you've cleaned the inside of the chamber with a Q-Tip Soaked in Solvent (either Isopropyl alcohol or Culinary Solvent) and have allowed that to dry, you can dip the screen in the same solvent to give it a quick clean or torch it to remove any machining oils or residues from the Arizer screen.  

OEM Arizer Screens for the Solo2/Air2 fit the XMax V3 Pro chamber near perfectly.  You don't need to do anything other than gently push it down the chamber to seat it onto the floor on top of the bigger mesh screen inside the device.  This will keep finer material from falling below to the heater core.  This screen can be removed and cleaned when you are cleaning your mouthpiece to keep flavor best.  Gently work the screen out with a the point of a toothpick or bent paper clip or similar tool.  

2)  Stem Cap the GlassWare:

The Arizer ArGo Stem Caps get the job done in terms of protecting the exposed end of the XMax Glassware for transport on-the-go.

3)  Reduce your load size using our BackSpacers for microdosing solutions.  We like to use a 2mm in the base to protect the bottom most level of flowers and then use the 3mm or 5mm on top depending on the size of the microdose.  

4)  Newly released in April of 2022, XMax has designed Dosing Capsules for the V3 Pro.  These are now a BonusBox option for a pair of them, or go bigger and put the 5 Pack in your cart which includes a handy storage tube so you can load up for multiple deployments on-the-go.  We highly recommend these for an easy drop-in, drop-out solution that surely makes post session clean-up a breeze and keep the mouthpiece screen more debris free than not using the Dosing Capsules. New Dosing Capsule lids may stick in the chamber portion, should this occur, consider heating a capsule lid side down for a Burn-Off Session (mentioned above in 1st Time Use).  Once you can dislodge the lid, switch the lid to another capsule for a better fit. 

Stay Safe & Stay Tuned...

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