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XMax V3 Pro in Black BonusBox Bundle

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XMAX V3 PRO is an on-demand convection vaporizer used with dry herbs.

It is a portable pen vaporizer in a compact size. The shell is made of aluminum. 

Using TopGreen’s newest convection heating technology,  the XMAX V3 PRO has 2 working modes to compliment the vaping experience and style of the user: Session mode and On-Demand mode.

Use the XMax V3 Pro in session mode to automatically heat and maintain temperature in user selected temperature with timer set to 4 minutes or 6 minutes.

Select On-Demand mode by holding the power button to heat up in On-demand mode.   In this mode the device will only heat when the user wants it to heat up. This means there is less waste of dry herbal material, which is helpful for low tolerance consumers or those looking to just take a draw or two while saving the rest of the material for later.

Based on the convection technology, the XMAX V3 PRO is greatly improved with warm-up time, only 15 seconds to 180℃. Material is preserved as heat is only moved thu the material when the user inhales. 

This device has been tested by TopGreen's engineering team for 18 months in this well tested, thoroughly vetted, safe & easy to use design. 

In order to bring a better vaping experience and flavor, this device is designed with a cooling vapor-path thru a stainless steel filter which utilizes a ceramic airflow box for cooling in the stock mouthpiece. The isolated air-path avoids any odorous electronic material. The vapor will only pass thru stainless steel and ceramic material.

To make it easy for cleaning, the mouthpiece is designed with a scraping tool. (⚠️Caution⚠️: Don’t use the mouthpiece scraping tool while your device is on.) The mouthpiece can be easily disassembled for deep cleaning.

For a better visual experience, the unit comes with a large OLED screen in the slim Pen Style body.

The XMax V3 Pro battery can be charged 2 different ways:  It can be charged with the provided USB-C cable while in the device or the battery cell can be removed and charged in an external charger.  With either option, having a charged spare cell on hand allows the user to not miss a beat should the battery become depleted as it can be easily and quickly swapped out.

420EDC Custom Package Specifications (see Custom Kit Contents photo below):

  • Aluminum Metal Body
  • New Convection Technology
  • Compact Size
  • Changeable working mode: Session and On-demand mode.
  • Changeable working session time: 4 minutes and 6 minutes.
  • User Replaceable 18650 battery cell with 3200mAh
  • USB-C charging
  • Isolated air-path
  • Large OLED screen

Includes 420EDC BonusBox (≈$56 Value):

  • Choice of ✅Medium StashCase* or ✅Large StashCase Color (≈$20-$25 Value)
  • Choice of ✅Glass Mouthpiece or ✅Glass 14mm WPA (≈$15 Value)
  • Choice of Extra Glass for Glass Mouthpiece or 14mm WPA:  Smokey Quartz 3D Flow Straight, Smokey Quartz 3D Flow Curve or 19mm WPA (≈$10 Value)
  • ✅Single Dosing Capsule for the XMax V3 Pro (≈$6 Value) (Now included in the sealed box with the V3 Pro)
  • Discount Codes Don't Apply to Gear which includes a BonusBox

Prepare for the Journey:  Add a Complete Set of Dosing Capsules with Storage Tube to your V3 Pro purchase and save $7.99 (> 28% Off)!! 

Need Extra Batteries for the V3 Pro?  Our recommendation is the New ✅Hohm Depot.  Grab an ✅External Charger while you are there!

⚠️ Pay the $5.99 Shipping and get a Free Titanium Toothpick in a DoobTube with your Order (≈$8.99 Value)


*Items shown with/in the StashCase that are not in the list of what is included or the specifications above are not included with the purchase of this device.  These are shown for display and scale purposes only. 






















1. Charge the battery with a good-quality and dedicated charger. Never use a charger with a voltage/current rating higher than 5V/1A.
2. When not in use, your battery should be kept away from heat, and stored in a non-conductive box/case. Never carry the battery loose in your pocket with other metal objects.
3. Only use original batteries, not clones, copies, or other batteries that do not meet or exceed the specifications of the original. 
4. Do not use damaged batteries in your vaporizer. Even a small tear or loose wrapping can be dangerous.

*Failure to follow these instructions may result in severe or permanent damage to the battery,
  cause serious personal injury, or lead to a fire.
*Misuse, abuse, incorrect charging, failure to comply with the above warnings and guidelines,
  and other inappropriate use of this product are not covered under warranty.
*Please comply with local recycling regulations for battery disposal.

Warranty Information

420EDC will handle warranty support for one year on this device. Battery, mouthpiece assembly and cosmetic tool marks in the chamber are not covered by this warranty. In the event that warranty service is needed, customer pays return shipping fees to return the product to 420EDC unless they receive a device DoA (Dead on Arrival). 420EDC will prepare a return shipping label in this instance only. We will ship out a replacement device to customers needing warranty support. Customers are encouraged to place an order with 420EDC that ships free with the replacement XMax V3 Pro (we'll refund the shipping paid or issue a shop credit, leave us a note on your order for your preference here). For Warranty Support use the Message Option on your Order page from within your 420EDC account or use the Contact Us Page in the lower right hand corner of the website. Should 420EDC or TopGreen sunset this product, we will provide a replacement of same or greater value from TopGreen should warranty coverage fall in the window of the XMax V3 Pro sunset and depletion of this device's inventory from our catalog. Keep the box and your receipt for warranty support. If you can't keep the box, take a picture of the Serial Number and Security Code (by scraping off "Scratch and Scanning Check") on the end of the box .

4 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by Zoggy on Dec 5th 2022

    Folks, this bundle is a great deal! I just received today and I couldn’t be more stoked to toke. :) This is a fantastic device for on demand vaping. The capsules are going to make my life a lot easier when away from home. I strongly recommend getting the extra dosing capsules and storage tube. They hit surprisingly great. The stash box and included goodies are wonderful. I really love the WPA that also fits the Smokey quartz straight piece I choose. I prefer hitting from these compared to the standard mouthpiece. They even included an extra goodie and handwritten notecard, which was a really nice touch. This is my first experience shopping here and I will definitely be back. Shipping was very fast. Great job folks at 420edc!!

  • 5
    Xmax V3 Pro

    Published by Sj on Aug 30th 2022

    The XMAX V3 Pro is a must have for vaporizering. I simply love this device! The caps deliver ease of use while out and about. In Session use is great for relaxing with friends and Demand is perfect vape while enjoying alone! Either way, you will be pleased with this purchase! Just purchase and enJOY!!!

  • 5
    Best value!

    Published by Martin Osuna on Mar 9th 2022

    I’ve researched long and hard for the best deal on The Pro V3 and 420 EDC is the place to get it! Save yourself time and go for it!!

  • 3

    Published by David Gness on Dec 18th 2021

    I find this vaporizer very portable and is easily cleaned with easy loading. It has a compact bowl and if you are looking for large clouds, look elsewhere. For its size a good functional vaporizer. Not great, not poor, just average.

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